Glamour for Glampers and Other Girls on the Go

We are camping again!  I brought my makeup and my husband brought four pairs of shoes, so maybe we actually are glamping!  This time we are at Wallowa Lake in Joseph, Oregon.  So pretty!  Mountains, lake, river, activities, and I practically got to pet a deer! Two days ago my coworker, Angela Janssen, gave me a dermaplaning treatment. I […]

Spot Remover for the Hands

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about having my hands treated with IPL for brown spots.  I have gotten to the phase where the spots that darkened up have sloughed off, and things are looking good!  Upon initial treatment, the skin can be a little pink and a bit tender.  The pigmented areas generally […]

May is skin cancer awareness month!

When I was a kid and teenager growing up in Western Washington, any time it was sunny and 70 degrees or more, I was out soaking it up!  If you missed out, it could be another month before you saw the sun again!  I remember putting on tanning lotions and anything that smelled like coconut, […]

Jane Iredale’s PurePressed Base SPF 20

You may have heard of Jane Iredale – the skin care makeup and wondered what all the fuss was about.  The line is both pharmaceutically pure and beautiful, as well as being easy to use.  The pressed powder foundation, PurePressed Base, is a foundation, concealer, powder, and broad-spectrum SPF 20 all rolled into one.  Don’t […]

The Best Estheticians in the Tacoma Area

Esthetician is a funny word.  Not everyone knows what it means, but most people want one once they find out what it is!  Esthetics is a division of cosmetology, with the focus being on the health and beautification of the skin.  Be they known as beauty advisors, skin care experts, makeup artists, or hair removal […]

Gimme Shelter – sun protection in a snap!

Need easy, effective sun protection?  Think Iredale Mineral Cosmetics , they offer more than just makeup! Powder-Me SPF 30 ($45.50)  is a dry, pure SPF offered in translucent and tan.  With titanium dioxide and natural clay, the UVA/UVB protection is safe, pure, and soothing.   Smooth the sponge end over your skin for immediate sun protection.  Reapplication does not have to […]