Eyebrow Wow

In the beauty industry, we often hear, and sometimes say, that eyebrows are sisters, but not twin sisters. Well, mine were step-cousins, okay? It was not flattering, especially for someone IN the beauty industry! Many moons ago, almost two decades now, I went from having fairly decent natural brows to letting my boss at the first […]

The Best Estheticians in the Tacoma Area

Esthetician is a funny word.  Not everyone knows what it means, but most people want one once they find out what it is!  Esthetics is a division of cosmetology, with the focus being on the health and beautification of the skin.  Be they known as beauty advisors, skin care experts, makeup artists, or hair removal […]

Not a Makeup Fan?

Even though most people have certain beauty rituals and grooming habits, some folks are just not into makeup… or at least they don’t think they are!  Not everyone wants to take the extra time to do their makeup, or they don’t know how, or they don’t want to “feel” anything on their skin.  There are solutions to […]

Feeling Pretty, Feeling Alive!

I was pretty much initiated into the world of makeup and beauty by my older sister. She is 8 years older and a feisty one. If she wanted to do your makeup, fix your hair, tweeze your eyebrows, or (jeez luhweez) pierce your ears when you were in third grade, by golly, you were going […]

For Lovelier Lips…

Sam Levenson wrote, “For Attractive lips, speak words of kindness.” That’s a good beauty tip we should all practice regularly! Cosmetic-related tips for lovelier lips include the following: 1) Exfoliate! Jane Iredale’s Sugar end of their Sugar & Butter Lip Exfoliator/Plumper is a perfect and yummy way to achieve this. Simply rub the sugar end […]