Change Can Be Painful But Worth It

This morning a dear friend expressed some valid concerns about LipSense making her lips dry. It reminded me that change can be annoying, painful, and even scary. However if we hang in there some of these changes can lead to positive and worthwhile results! When we are trying something new, sometimes we need reminders or even a […]

Microneedling + Peel + Lip Color

When you get to be of a certain age (oh, use your imagination!), it can be a challenge keeping your skin looking youthful. There are a few maddening individuals who maintain a fresh complexion despite never doing anything good for their skin, but I’m not bitter. Not bitter at all. Ha! A nice complexion doesn’t come […]

I Never Asked For A Turkey Neck!

Among the “lovely” signs of aging, one of my least favorite has got to be the dreaded turkey neck.  At 41, and after working in the beauty industry for half my life, I have to admit I’m pretty peeved to see my own little waddle appearing before my eyes. No longer having easy access to […]