Here I Grow Again!

I love the beauty industry! And it’s a good thing, as I have spent most of my adult life in the midst of it. The years I have spent working in salons, spas, & med spas have shaped how I see & experience the world around me. I know that I KNOW true beauty comes […]

Feeling More Attractive in a Swimsuit

We are off adventuring in Canada, with our current campsite being at Redstreak in the Kootenay National Forest in British Columbia. We are at Radium Hot Springs, and this is some amazing country. Canadian Rockies, baby! Radium Hot Springs. I was finishing up my work for a class so that I could submit everything Friday […]

More Youthful Eyes

Either from hereditary factors or from being such a crybaby, in my thirties I started noticing that my eyes were getting little bags underneath, plus that hollowed-out look in the “tear trough” area.  That’s the kind of stuff that does not make an aging (but still young!) gal feel cute.  I thought I was going […]

Blogging Via iPad

When your 22 year old son who has been living on his own for 2 1/2 years suffers some setbacks and needs to come home, life changes. A lot! My husband and I feel blessed to have our young man at home with us, and we are happy he is now attending college. It is […]

Is Thinning Hair Getting You Down?

Is bald beautiful? It can be! Is thinning hair a detriment to one’s self-esteem? Not always, but it definitely can be a contributing factor in diminished self-confidence. We live in a world where looks matter and youthful appearance is king. Keeping up with this, to an extent, helps many to feel more competitive in the […]