In the Mood for a Mela-D? Anti-Dark Spot Concentrate

Do you have brown spots on your skin that you would like to have go away?  Hypergpigmentation (brown spots!) is a common skin complaint.  Our pigment cells can become overactive when they try and protect themselves from damage – like sun and UV exposure, and during the healing process when injury has occurred – like from […]

Spot Remover for the Hands

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about having my hands treated with IPL for brown spots.  I have gotten to the phase where the spots that darkened up have sloughed off, and things are looking good!  Upon initial treatment, the skin can be a little pink and a bit tender.  The pigmented areas generally […]

Caffeine Panic Attack

I found out the hard way that caffeine is no good para mi! It used to be that, even when I was a teenager, I often felt like I was going to have a heart attack. Anxiety is not fun to deal with, and it’s terrible to find out that you may have been unwittingly […]