Glamour for Glampers and Other Girls on the Go

We are camping again!  I brought my makeup and my husband brought four pairs of shoes, so maybe we actually are glamping!  This time we are at Wallowa Lake in Joseph, Oregon.  So pretty!  Mountains, lake, river, activities, and I practically got to pet a deer! Two days ago my coworker, Angela Janssen, gave me a dermaplaning treatment. I […]

iS Clinical Active Serum: A Skin’s Best Friend

When the iS Clinical Skincare line came onto the med spa scene several years back, it really rocked the worlds of a few Tacoma estheticians, myself included.  iS Clinical is a plant-based pharmaceutical skincare line, which is a cool combination.  They have formulated several fantastic “treatment” serums, as well as having a full skincare line. […]

Whaddya Know About Getting Great Skin?

Want the real skinny on skin care?  Better, healthier, more beautiful skin is achievable.  So how do you go about acquiring a healthy, glowing complexion? As an esthetician, I’ve noticed a few things over the years.  How you take care of your skin and what you use to take care of your skin with matters. […]

Rock It With Sheer Tints, Self-Tanner, Bronzers, and SPF

What a wonderful feeling to wake up to sunshine!  Like many of you, I love to see sunny skies and to feel the warmth on my skin.  Gone are the carefree days, though, when we were ignorant about the dangers of UV exposure.  UV exposure leads to increased risk of skin cancer.  Period.  With skin […]