Diet and the Acne Beast

Our skin is our largest organ and is a reflection of what’s going on inside. Yes, some people are blessed with phenomenal genes (we don’t have to like those people) ha! Seriously, though, consider this, if you’re sick, stressed, malnourished, allergic… sooner or later these things show up on your skin. Your skin becomes a […]

A Little Time For Myself

In the service industries, providers spend their days taking care of patients and clients, as is our passion to do so, yet we are often lacking when it comes to taking care of ourselves. I am guilty! While it is a huge blessing to be able to take care of my own skin, there is […]

Change Can Be Painful But Worth It

This morning a dear friend expressed some valid concerns about LipSense making her lips dry. It reminded me that change can be annoying, painful, and even scary. However if we hang in there some of these changes can lead to positive and worthwhile results! When we are trying something new, sometimes we need reminders or even a […]

Lira Clinical – Science, Nature, & Great Results

It was a former master esthetics student of mine who came back from a skincare conference super excited about a hot new product line she had discovered there  – Lira Clinical. I looked into it and was able to make contact with the wonderful Aimee Fuentes, who is the NW Regional Sales/Educator and In Clinic Trainer. Aimee […]

Summertime Thang… Wedding Makeup & Skin

Do you have weddings to attend this summer? Or maybe YOU are getting married?!! Let’s talk about makeup and skincare then. Makeup and skincare go together as a topic, or at least, they should. The skin is the canvas, and the healthier and smoother, the better you and your makeup will look. What you do […]

Bzen MedAesthetics in Kennewick

Last night I attended an open house at Bzen MedAesthetics in Kennewick, WA. Bzen is owned and operated by  Dr. Stanley Ling, a long time Tri Cities area physician who is board certified in Internal Medicine.  Dr. Ling became interested in Medical Esthetics when more and more patients began asking him for advice on their […]

In the Mood for a Mela-D? Anti-Dark Spot Concentrate

Do you have brown spots on your skin that you would like to have go away?  Hypergpigmentation (brown spots!) is a common skin complaint.  Our pigment cells can become overactive when they try and protect themselves from damage – like sun and UV exposure, and during the healing process when injury has occurred – like from […]