Change Can Be Painful But Worth It

This morning a dear friend expressed some valid concerns about LipSense making her lips dry. It reminded me that change can be annoying, painful, and even scary. However if we hang in there some of these changes can lead to positive and worthwhile results!

When we are trying something new, sometimes we need reminders or even a little hand-holding through the process. New things don’t behave like old things but can lead to better results. It can be difficult to let go of old habits or old favorites. Can we open ourselves a little bit to the notion of trying out new products, treatments, thoughts, habits? Can we challenge ourselves to tough it out through the process of change?

Have you ever tried a chemical peel? Often our skin will shed in the days following a peel… and that is a good thing! That shedding is leading to better, fresher, healthier skin. If you didn’t know you might flake, it might freak you out! Likewise, sometimes you know it will happen and you still can’t deal, so peels might not be your thang.

When I first started using LipSense, my lips did feel a bit dry, and I also experienced some of the flaking I was told might happen. I trusted my pharmaceutical rep friends who have fallen in love with LipSense, and I was willing to give the product an honest trial period. I was told that as my lips healed, they would begin retaining both moisture and color longer. That is proving to be true.

Now that my lips have “detoxed”, I am no longer getting the flaking, and my lips are staying moisturized longer than before. Like last night I forgot to put a LipSense balm, gloss, or volumizer on before bed and my lips felt fine this morning. That would not normally happen with any other product I have used. As Dr. Oz reported, we really do get addicted to lip balms.

I tried a natural deodorant a while back Zir Yabs) because I am trying to heal and detox my body. My underarms did some funky things as my body got rid of all the built-up whatevers from traditional deodorant.

For example, I developed painful red bumps on my underarms not too long after starting the natural deodorant. So what do you think I did? I stopped using it. Once the breakout healed, I tried again, but I would only apply a couple times a week, and I stopped using any other kind of deodorant.

Now that my underarms have “detoxed”, I kid you not, but I have no underarm odor, like ever! And I rarely even put the natural deodorant on now.

We put a lot of toxins into our body when we don’t need to. Sometimes the process of change is difficult, but it’s often worth it if you hang in there!

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