Eye Love A Good Lash Lift

lash perm and tint jerriBeing in the skincare industry for 20 years and the beauty industry for even longer, I can attest to the fact that when it’s our turn to receive a treatment… we find ourselves in a state of bliss! It is also a privilege to have the ability to trade services with other beauty experts.

This morning, I was super excited for my appointment with a fellow esthetician friend, Lori, for a lash lift (perm), lash tint, and brow tint. I have been aware of lash perming and have been around it… but I have never received this service until today.

I am in the process of growing back and filling in my lashes a la Lira Clinical’s Lux Lash Growth Serum, which I love and sell. My eyes are too sensitive for lash extensions or even strip lashes. Sometimes I remember to tint my own lashes and brows, but I would never even attempt to perm my own! So things were looking a little sad this morning before Lori worked her magic.

My eyebrows are another story. I have had Microblading done and am getting discoloration and fading. Lori is going to help me with that as well. But in case you wonder what is up with my brows in my pictures, well, that’s what’s up!

I am so pleased with the difference that today’s lash lift and tint made. I walked around feeling happy about it all day! The brow tint is also helping to balance out the look of the faded permanent makeup, so that is a huge plus as well.

Lash lifting is such a great service that I think I am going to add it soon to my menu at Skinblissful – Jerri Lien Skin Care. It made me look like I have more lashes that I do and really did give my eyes a “lift.”

Thanks so much, Lori Sanders of Bella Regazza in Sumner, Washington!

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