Lip-tabulous! LipSense!

Today I got to have a coffee date with two of my favorite ladies, Amy Crawford (Ultherapy/Merz rep), and Jennifer Solsten (pharmaceutical rep). At the same time! I see both of them somewhat regularly, but we had not all been together at the same time in probably three years. On this day of torrential downpours, it was all double rainbows for this special occasion!

Besides catching up, our coffee date was really about… lips! We are three long time beauty industry girls who are very picky about what we do with our skin care and makeup. None of us anticipated loving LipSense… but we DO! We really do.

This lip product is causing such a complete frenzy that literally almost every single lip color is TEMPORARILY on backorder. I talked Amy out of Bombshell and Glossy Gloss and immediately went home to sign up as a distributor.

Once you put your color on and the gloss over the top, you can totally chow down a sandwich at the airport (Amy) and still your lip color stays put til you take it off. Bring. It. ON!!!

When stock starts catching back up, I will begin carrying the lip product in my facial room. In the meantime, you can take a look by following this link:


My distributor number is: 358918

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