Eyebrow Wow

In the beauty industry, we often hear, and sometimes say, that eyebrows are sisters, but not twin sisters. Well, mine were step-cousins, okay? It was not flattering, especially for someone IN the beauty industry!

Many moons ago, almost two decades now, I went from having fairly decent natural brows to letting my boss at the first spa I worked at perform permanent cosmetics on me. I pretty much hated them from the beginning and did everything I could to fade faster, including peels and microdermabrasion. I was forever having to conceal discoloration with makeup. Finally, a friend who used to practice permanent cosmetics added some camouflage strokes to hide my residual permanent makeup. Relief!

Over the years, however, my eyebrow hair began to diminish. I still had hair, though I could not get my brows to fill in very well. I spent more time than I would have liked each day trying to fill my eyebrows in with makeup.

Within this past year, I began seeing information and photos popping up regarding a new-to-me technique called Microblading. There are other names for this technique, but basically it just means semi-permanent makeup done in a hair stroke pattern to simulate actual hair. So exciting! I watched for months as a gal I knew of churned out great-looking before and after pictures. I was intrigued and wanted it done so badly!

I ended up being a model for another eyebrow technique and, though I know the artist will be amazing as she continues her practice, my eyebrows were very uneven. I felt it made me look older and more tired. It also took me longer to get ready in the morning, trying to even things out. Major bummer!

When I went for my initial Microblading session with the artist I had been watching, I posted about my experience on social media, including my before and after pictures. I had so much response asking if I was going to begin offering the technique that I said yes! I went for training and began seeing models and clients for MicrobladingIMG_4492 1 at a salon in Tacoma, Rumors Salon. I lease a facial room there and offer Microblading for the eyebrows, Chemical Peels, Microneedling, Facials, Facial Waxing, and Lash & Brow Tinting.

The response for fuller, better, natural-looking eyebrows has been terrific. Clients, many with very little natural brow hair, have been thrilled to have eyebrows again! I am receiving inquiries daily regarding this service. Good eyebrows are kind of a big deal!

Have you looked into Microblading your eyebrows? If so, what kinds of questions do you have?


*** Update – I am now focused on providing esthetic services out of my home studio and am no longer able to spend time Microblading. I am now sending my Microblading clients to Lori Sanders at Bella Regazza Salon in Sumner, WA.

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