True Beauty

Sometimes it takes a true friend to come alongside you and pick you up, help dust you off, and remind you of… who you are! The most wonderful thing about love and friendship is when someone helps you to see something good inside yourself. This happened to me recently.

There is something about growing up in an area and building friendships, clientele, and a network there. Before moving across state from my hometown region, I had somewhat of a sense of things being well in my world. I enjoyed working as an esthetician and laser technician in a high-rise in downtown Tacoma, as well as working independently offering skincare out of my home and out of a friend’s salon. I had fun doing makeup events around Western Washington.

When my husband and I moved to Southeastern Washington a little over four years ago, our lives changed and were challenged in more ways than we could have foreseen. My husband delved into work and I worked some from home, mostly social media work and a little writing. I blogged quite a bit back then, but in the fall of 2013, I accepted a position at a local school teaching master esthetics. And then… I did not have time for much else!

Since we made the move, I felt my health begin to spiral downward. There was a lot of stress, between moving, family situations, and then the stress of being a new teacher, so I blamed everything on that. Then last fall and winter I could no longer deny that I was having some chronic health concerns. While I am slightly overwhelmed to learn that I have autoimmune issues and metabolic issues, my doctor put it in perspective by telling me that the good news is I don’t have pancreatic cancer! My husband’s step-father passed away from pancreatic cancer, so I can definitely appreciate that I am not dealing with THAT! Still, I have been over-stressed and overwhelmed and have decided to take a break from working and focus on my health for a while.

I have met some wonderful people here in Southeastern Washington! Still, it has not been easy to be separated from some of my dearest family, friends, and supporters. I have felt a bit weary and my sparkle has been dulled, so it was especially lovely to have been invited to participate in something exciting that fellow beauty expert, Jennifer Solsten Elliott of Grace Consulting has in the works. She is featuring a series of beauty experts via Grace Consulting in a project she is revealing called “True Beauty”. It warms my heart and honors me greatly that Jennifer chose me to be the first in her series. The following is the bio that she asked me to write up and submit to her:

“Jerri Lien has “grown up” in the beauty industry and has spent most of her adult life entrenched. She is a licensed Cosmetologist, Master Esthetician, and Instructor. What has captivated her most is working with clients one on one to help them feel happier and healthier in their own skin. Whether clients or students, Jerri truly loves any opportunity to offer positive encouragement to others.

Have you ever noticed that when someone is in love they have a certain glow about them? Have you recognized that a woman is pregnant simply by the new radiance that emanates from her face? Happy vacationers and honeymooners all look more beautiful, right?!! And how about those people whose faith is strong? Did Moses not come down from the mountain with his face shining from speaking with The Lord?

Jerri loves the beauty industry, especially when used to truly help others achieve healthy minds, bodies, and a renewed sense of their value in the world. She believes this ultimately comes through faith in God and love for one another. Everything else we do to achieve “beauty” is akin to frosting an already delicious cupcake!”

Jerri Lien in Northern Uganda
Jerri Lien in Northern Uganda

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