Rebecca Dashow – You Need Her In Your Closet!

Rebecca Dashow & Son Photo by Mera Koh
Rebecca Dashow & Son
Photo by Mera Koh

Recently I spent an afternoon with some wonderful ladies, old and new friends, at an art loft in downtown Tacoma. It was a bittersweet moment, and I was feeling nostalgic because I no longer live in the area, but it was also sweet to reminisce about the good old days of doing business downtown. I met a lot of wonderful people – artists and business owners – who formed a close-knit community of people who truly cared for and supported one another. I am no longer able to do business in Tacoma on a full-time basis, which I dearly miss, but I started thinking about ways to maintain those connections with and remain helpful to one another. Blogging is the immediate answer, with more ideas to follow!

While I will continue writing about the skin and beauty industries, I also want to begin regularly featuring some of the many amazing people I know who have enriched my life. One such person is Rebecca Dashow. When I met her, I owned and operated a skincare studio with two other women in downtown Tacoma, and Rebecca owned an upscale women’s boutique. We were introduced by common friends and became friends ourselves. I enjoyed visiting with Rebecca and shopping at her boutique, and she came to me for skincare and makeup.

A lot has changed, and these days I am living four hours away. Rebecca no longer has her brick and mortar boutique, but she does have lots of other fabulous things going on. Check it out!

Rebecca Dashow, in her own words:

A stylist, personal shopper and wardrobe consultant.
Blogger, fashion writer and speaker.
A buyer and boutique consultant.

Hey there Gals!,

My name is Rebecca Dashow and I am just a regular gal who happens to be crazy in love with clothes. I am also in love with helping other women fall in love with clothes too. My philosophy, “love who you are, you will love what you wear.” That is my mission that is what I will preach and teach. I am your stylist, your friend, your closet clean-up diva. I owned and operated a fabulous high end-boutique from 2004-2009. I changed directions a bit when my gorgeous son came into the world. I started a consulting business and have styled some very high–end internet campaigns, and I work with big companies in the Seattle area, plus I style and work with my amazing clients and their wardrobes daily, mainly teaching them how to SHOP THEIR CLOSETS. I also really focus on the psychology of why we don’t allow ourselves to look good, and love ourselves the way we look? Basically I am just sick of women picking themselves apart so maybe I can help you feel good about the way you dress, smile at the image in the mirror, and enjoy playing dress up each day.

My main reason for starting this blog is to get my message across that you can only look good if you start from the inside out. So start today. Let me help you find your style, find you. I am available for help whether a daily tip on my blog or a question by email. Maybe you hire me as your virtual stylist. I want to style you from the inside and just have some fun.

Love, Rebecca

Rebecca Dashow Virtual Styling
Rebecca Dashow
Virtual Styling

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