Tantasia Time Again!


Let’s talk about Jane Iredale’s beautiful self-tanner, Tantasia. This self-tanner actually smells pleasant and citrusy and isn’t streaky. Tantasia imparts a slightly bronzed look immediately upon application and allows the wearer to build and maintain as much of a natural-looking tan as desired.

Go ahead and apply your regular lotion to your elbows and feel so they don’t soak up extra tint. Apply Tantasia as you would your moisturizer or body cream, and massage in well. It is recommended to wash your hands afterward so your palms don’t get a tan (that’d be weird). While it is still good to exfoliate your skin regularly, you don’t have to worry about scrubbing down before each Tantasia application.

The product doesn’t seem to collect in crease lines, like those on the backs of ankles, and fading is gradual, not that odd flaking-off look that some self-tanners get. Tantasia works with your individual chemistry to produce a natural-looking tan.

Get as Tantasia-happy as you like, but remember that you will still need sun protection!

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