Real Beauty

Beauty is a reflection.  Not your mirror’s reflection, but a reflection of God.  I love talking about and writing about the beauty industry, but I know for sure that real beauty does not come from us, only from what we allow God to do in us.

My heart is heavy for a little boy in a dangerous situation.  May this message stir your hearts toward true beauty today.  Please send up prayers for this little boy, and send birthday cards to him, if you can!

“Re: the hostage situation in Alabama:

Ethan will be 6 on Wed. He should be eating cake and ice cream not scared holed up in a bunker. I have an address for anyone who wishes to send him a birthday card. Lt. April McDaniel with the Napier Field Police Department, which is a few miles from where the hostage situation is happening with 5 year old Ethan, has initiated a birthday card drive for little Ethan’s birthday which is this Wednesday February 6th. We hope and pray that #lovebug will be home for his sixth birthday and all of this ends peacefully. Please send birthday cards with your city and state written inside.

Napier Town Hall
c/o Lt. April McDaniel
400 Headquarters Street
Napier Field, Alabama 36303”


Thank God!  This little boy has been rescued!

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