Glamour for Glampers and Other Girls on the Go

We are camping again!  I brought my makeup and my husband brought four pairs of shoes, so maybe we actually are glamping!  This time we are at Wallowa Lake in Joseph, Oregon.  So pretty!  Mountains, lake, river, activities, and I practically got to pet a deer!

Two days ago my coworker, Angela Janssen, gave me a dermaplaning treatment. I think she removed about a year’s worth of dead skin that I’ve accumulated living in the desert!  Plus the dermaplaning shaves off the velus hairs, leaving the skin so smooth and nice.  I also had a little Dysport put in my forehead to smooth out wrinkles, and a touch of Restylane in my lower lip to even out asymmetry. Thank you, Dr. Robert Niedbalski, my wonderful boss, for letting me have a little day of beauty!  Dysport is similar to Botox, and Restylane is a hyaluronic acid gel that has been FDA approved to be used for lip injections.


My lower lip is a bit uneven, which is NOT a huge deal, but I wanted to see what it would be like to have it plumped on the one side.  Plus, as I “mature” and begin to lose volume, I am sure I will venture into a full lip refill one day.  😉  Also, I tell my clients and friends about dermal filler for the lips, so it’s good to be able to really share in what the experience is like.  Some of the fillers have a built in numbing agent these days, including the Restylane we used, so even though I felt a sharp poke initially, I didn’t jump out of the chair as I had feared!  Well, I didn’t jump ALL the way out.  The lip area swells quickly, so after that goes down, we can determine whether to use a little more filler in the area or not.


Being that my lip is still a little bruised and swollen, I decided to try some Jane Iredale Lip Fixation to help camouflage the discoloration.  It works!  You can see in the photo above, the bottom photo in the before and after is from today.  I only applied one layer of the stain portion of the Lip Fixation in Craving, and then put a layer of Lip Drink (lip balm/spf over it).  Later I tried adding a second coat of the lip stain just over the discolored area, and I think it did pretty well. Although I think it would look a bit better if I’d have touched up my foundation right underneath my lip.  Oh well, I am camping after all.  😉



Another thing I am trying out is my new Jane Iredale primer and bb cream!  So nice.  Smooth Affair Primer has botanicals for hydrating, smoothing, and controlling oil, but even those with maturing skin are finding they can use it during the day over their serums instead of a moisturizer.  The new primer can be used under any of the Jane Iredale foundation formulations, or even on its own. It makes the skin look pretty and fresh.  The bb cream, Glow Time, makes the skin look like velvet.  Glow Time is full coverage and a little goes a LONG way. If you try using it like traditional makeup, you will have used way too much product and will think you don’t like it.  I was able to use a small pea size for my entire face and neck, smoothing it in with my fingertips.  Then I just took a little extra product to tap into the under eye area and did not need an additional concealer.


I’ve been on the road all day, and except for where I’ve wiped my mouth after eating, my makeup does not need to be retouched!

As far as camping goes, the Smooth Affair saves space since it can double as a moisturizer.  Glow Time is also a broad spectrum SPF 25, and since you can apply it with your fingertips, there is no need to bring a brush.  Another bonus is that there is no need for an additional concealer for the under eye area.  For you Jane Iredale fans, you will not need to use your hydration spritz over the bb cream. Saving space here, people!

Oh, and between using the Smooth Affair and the Glow Time, my pores look less visible!  Bonussss!!!

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