Feeling More Attractive in a Swimsuit

We are off adventuring in Canada, with our current campsite being at Redstreak in the Kootenay National Forest in British Columbia. We are at Radium Hot Springs, and this is some amazing country. Canadian Rockies, baby!

Radium Hot Springs. I was finishing up my work for a class so that I could submit everything Friday morning before we left home. I was so busy with school work that I literally did not have any real time to research where we were going. I also had only been lightly exercising. Darn. And my new swimsuit never showed up in the mail. Really, two day delivery? But i did remember to apply my Tantasia sunless tanner. Yes! Realistic tan in no time!

When my husband said we would be taking in the hot springs, I pictured hiking to some hole in the woods. I was a little nervous, but still game.

We got to our campsite yesterday and almost immediately met some sweet folks from the neighboring site. Gordon and Carol from Alberta. They come here every year and warned us hiking down to the springs was probably too much of a hike, especially hiking back uphill after soaking. They offered us a ride and a looney each for the lockers. Lockers?

Gordon and Carol are in their 70s, and they were here with two other elderly couples. All lifelong farmers. Wonderful people. They took us to the hot springs, and wow! It looks like a resort! The hot springs are swimming pools, not holes in the woods! Little did I know that Radium Hot Springs is Canada’s largest odorless hot springs! What a treat.

I was glad that I had applied my Tantasia, but I have to admit that swimming with the grandparently types helped me to feel a lack of self-consciousness that you would just never find at, say, Wet Republic!



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