More Youthful Eyes

Either from hereditary factors or from being such a crybaby, in my thirties I started noticing that my eyes were getting little bags underneath, plus that hollowed-out look in the “tear trough” area.  That’s the kind of stuff that does not make an aging (but still young!) gal feel cute.  I thought I was going to need blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), but I really didn’t want that.  I had seen some good results and some really bad ones.

Before Tear Trough Correction
How about let’s send those bags packing!

When I first heard of a technique utilizing dermal fillers to improve the look of the under eye region, I was all about it.  Sadly, the plastic surgeons I worked for at the time were leery and did not yet offer the technique.  Years later I began hearing rave reviews about a nurse injector specialist in Western Washington who was offering the “tear trough correction”.  Lisa Davenport had come highly recommended by numerous people I knew in the beauty and medical industries, so in 2009, I decided to pack my bags away!

Big improvement!

Lisa is a fun, pretty, sweet, and talented lady who fixed me right up.  I’ll be honest, it’s a bit creepy getting dermal filler injected into the under eyes, but it was quick and relatively painless.  There was a little swelling for a few days, though most people would never notice.  The results were evident right away.  Instant payoff!

Tear trough correction doesn’t have to be done all that often, thank goodness!  After your initial injection appointment, you will likely go back to the office in a couple weeks to see if any touchup is needed, and then once a year might be all you need after that.  I’ve had multiple under-eye treatments with Lisa since 2009.

A little over four years ago, I moved across Washington State, from Puyallup to Kennewick, so my visits with Lisa have been few and far between lately. But when you have a favorite, what can you do?!! I will either need to travel over the pass more often or move back to Puyallup. Either way, I am in need of a re-fill!!!

Lisa Davenport offers injectable and laser services at Laser Artistry & Medi-Spa by FASA, in Tumwater/Olympia, WA. Be sure and tell her that Jerri Lien sent you!

*** Update 11/13/15

One thought on “More Youthful Eyes

  1. WOW!!!! Thank YOU for such a wonderful endorsement!!! I was honored to be trusted with your beautiful face! I hope to see you soon!

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