iS Clinical Youth Complex

Youth Complex

Have you ever been really annoyed to see that your skin is starting to acquire a certain crepiness to it?  Autocorrect just tried to change crepiness to creepiness, and I can hardly blame it!  If only real life skin corrections were as instant as autocorrect!  Or are they?

One product I’ve really seen make an instant and visible reduction in crepey skin is Youth Complex by iS Clinical Skincare.  The benefits of this product are tri-fold; instant, intermediate and long term.

I have enjoyed seeing improvement on my neck area, as well as on my elbow region, where I will smooth some Youth Complex on if I am going out or something.  The skin just perks right up, and boy do I wish I could afford to slather it on from head to toe!  iS Clinical does make a very nice Body Complex, but I am still wishing for a Youth Body Complex!

A little of this product goes a long way, and its benefits can be enhanced and tailored to your needs by using an iS Clinical treatment serum underneath.  I’m still acne prone, sighhhhhh, so I really enjoy alternating my Youth Complex with Active Serum, which helps with both aging and acne issues.


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