iS Clinical Active Serum: A Skin’s Best Friend


When the iS Clinical Skincare line came onto the med spa scene several years back, it really rocked the worlds of a few Tacoma estheticians, myself included.  iS Clinical is a plant-based pharmaceutical skincare line, which is a cool combination.  They have formulated several fantastic “treatment” serums, as well as having a full skincare line.

Medical estheticians already use high-octane products on their skin and regularly receive skincare treatments, so it isn’t that easy to impress us.  And if you manage to impress more than one of us within a single med spa setting, that is really saying something!  iS Clinical’s Active Serum is one such product.

Active Serum is anti-aging, anti-acneic, and brightening, and works like a dream on a variety of skin types, including mature, acneic, and hyper pigmented.  This serum contains a special botanical blend of “active” ingredients for exfoliating, brightening, toning, and clearing.  Active Serum also contains a touch of menthol to help with ingredient penetration, which also gives the skin a fresh, tingly sensation.


The estheticians and their co-workers that tested Active Serum way back when ranged in age from early 20s to late 50s.  Instead of using the product for two weeks and waiting to see a difference in the skin, everyone’s skin looked and felt better right away.  We all noticed smoother, clearer, brighter, more toned skin.

Good news for pregnant or nursing women, Active Serum is safe for you to use! During a precious time when you may have to give up certain of your favorite things in order to keep baby safe, this is one hard-working product you won’t have to give up.

Except those with particularly sensitive or rosacea skin types, Active Serum fits well into most skincare regimens.  Also, iS Clinical notes that Active Serum should be used at night.  A cool fact is that our skin exfoliates itself up to 8 times more during the night while we are sleeping, and Active Serum enhances that process.

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