New Primer & Beauty Balm from Jane Iredale

Jane Iredale has two exciting and transformative new products coming out! Smooth Affair – A smoothing and brightening primer that makes all skin types look luminous and can be used under ANY of the Iredale foundations.Glow Time – a full coverage mineral BB (beauty balm) cream with a broad spectrum SPF 25. Makes the skin […]

Preparing for Botox and Dermal Filler

Have you made the determination to finally go for it and get Botox and/or filler for the first time?  Or, have you had these treatments before and want to make sure things go as smoothly as possible at your next appointment?  There are a few things you can do prior to having your Botox and filler injections […]

More Youthful Eyes

Either from hereditary factors or from being such a crybaby, in my thirties I started noticing that my eyes were getting little bags underneath, plus that hollowed-out look in the “tear trough” area.  That’s the kind of stuff that does not make an aging (but still young!) gal feel cute.  I thought I was going […]

iS Clinical Youth Complex

Have you ever been really annoyed to see that your skin is starting to acquire a certain crepiness to it?  Autocorrect just tried to change crepiness to creepiness, and I can hardly blame it!  If only real life skin corrections were as instant as autocorrect!  Or are they? One product I’ve really seen make an […]

iS Clinical Active Serum: A Skin’s Best Friend

When the iS Clinical Skincare line came onto the med spa scene several years back, it really rocked the worlds of a few Tacoma estheticians, myself included.  iS Clinical is a plant-based pharmaceutical skincare line, which is a cool combination.  They have formulated several fantastic “treatment” serums, as well as having a full skincare line. […]

Whaddya Know About Getting Great Skin?

Want the real skinny on skin care?  Better, healthier, more beautiful skin is achievable.  So how do you go about acquiring a healthy, glowing complexion? As an esthetician, I’ve noticed a few things over the years.  How you take care of your skin and what you use to take care of your skin with matters. […]