The Joys of Beauty!

The older I get, the harder I have to work at looking, well, half-way decent! Over this next week, I have a total of four “appointments” set up to try and remedy my situation. Beauty is hard work! Bless those who are helping me out in my endeavor to look a little less hagged out.

Tomorrow I have a follow-up dermatology appointment.  This appointment will be for a combination of health and beauty reasons. A couple weeks ago I went to Center for Excellence in Dermatology in Kennewick to have a skin cancer check and to talk about itchy dry spots and an itchy scalp. Loveliness, I know. My skin has been a mess since I moved from Western Washington to Eastern Washington. While I was at the dermatology clinic, the PA, Heidi, discovered a suspicious spot on my back and did a biopsy, and she gave me some topical steroids for my itchiness. I still haven’t heard back on the biopsy results, but hopefully by tomorrow they will know something. Also, I have a couple of non-suspicious but annoying seborrheic keratoses, so the PA will treat those tomorrow, most likely with cryotherapy.On the left side of my face and on my forehead I have those stupid seborrheic keratoses.  Blech. Can you see them in my pictures?

Also tomorrow, I get to see cute little Alyssa at Dermacare Tri-Cities for a quick 2nd IPL treatment on my hands. I can’t believe how much better they look after the 1st one!

Next week I will make the drive over to Tacoma where I will have two beautifying appointments. 😉

On Monday, I get to see my lovely friend, Heather Munger, at Appassionato in Fife. She has known me for over a quarter century! Ha! And she has been doing my hair for almost as long, so she really knows how to do it. My hair is thinning in certain areas, and someone who doesn’t know how to work with it leaves it looking bad, bad, bad. Even though I was treated by Dr. Niedbalski with ACell + PRP for thinning hair last summer (with great results!) the new growth is still a lot shorter than the rest of my hair. My beauty school haircut last month left me looking pretty choppy, and my gray is already popping through my home hair color (I did use professional product!). Heather does my color in a way that it grows out a lot more gracefully! I threaten all the time to just “go native”, but my dear friend does not approve of this idea.

I am so happy that on Tuesday I get to spend time in the office! Though I work for Dr. Robert Niedbalski in Tacoma, I am now working remotely from Kennewick, so getting to spend time with everyone at the office is a real  and rare treat. While I am there, Dr. Bob is going to do facial filler on me, and probably a little Botox. To this I say, “Fill me up!” Just in case you didn’t know my beauty motto, that’s it.

2 thoughts on “The Joys of Beauty!

  1. Hi. I love your blog and was wondering if you had any pics after the cryotherapy was done on the seborrheic keratoses on your face? I also have some on my face and need to have the same procedure and would love to see results. Thanks a lot!

    1. So sorry, Amy, I have been out of the loop for a number of reasons. I actually need to have cryotherapy of my face again. If I am able to do it, I will try and take good before, after, and maybe even durings 😉

      I have recently found out I have autoimmune disease, so as I am working to find out more information and to get well, I am wondering how many of my skin woes are related to this!

      Good luck to you! I’d also love to know if you’ve sought out treatment for your own skin concerns.

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