The Joys of Beauty!

The older I get, the harder I have to work at looking, well, half-way decent! Over this next week, I have a total of four “appointments” set up to try and remedy my situation. Beauty is hard work! Bless those who are helping me out in my endeavor to look a little less hagged out. […]

Rock It With Sheer Tints, Self-Tanner, Bronzers, and SPF

What a wonderful feeling to wake up to sunshine!  Like many of you, I love to see sunny skies and to feel the warmth on my skin.  Gone are the carefree days, though, when we were ignorant about the dangers of UV exposure.  UV exposure leads to increased risk of skin cancer.  Period.  With skin […]

Spot Remover for the Hands

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about having my hands treated with IPL for brown spots.  I have gotten to the phase where the spots that darkened up have sloughed off, and things are looking good!  Upon initial treatment, the skin can be a little pink and a bit tender.  The pigmented areas generally […]

May is skin cancer awareness month!

When I was a kid and teenager growing up in Western Washington, any time it was sunny and 70 degrees or more, I was out soaking it up!  If you missed out, it could be another month before you saw the sun again!  I remember putting on tanning lotions and anything that smelled like coconut, […]