I’m Seeing Spots – Sun Spots On My Hands!

Along with developing a turkey neck, I am seeing other signs of aging as well. Yuck!  That is not what I wanted.  Thankfully clothes cover most of my, ahem, areas of concern, but hands are always exposed.  Hands are an issue.

There was a time when wearing gloves was part of a lady’s good social graces.  It was actually a pretty smart way to protect the skin from exposure, too.  How many of you remember to glove up with sunscreen each day?  Of those who do, how many reapply it throughout the day?  Anyone?  I am guilty myself, so don’t be shy about being honest!

Being an esthetician, I have had access to amazing products and treatments over the years.  I think that early on in my esthetics career I actually believed I would never age if I stayed in the skin care biz long enough!  Ha ha!!!  I do know that my “aging” situation would be much more pronounced if I was not using pharmaceutical-grade products and doing med spa treatments, though.

Thanks to hereditary, hormonal, and sun exposure factors, my skin is prone to all kinds of loveliness, including hyperpigmentation, or dark spots.  My hands have looked like they were 40 since I was 10, but now that I am 40+, they are starting to get those old lady spots.  I remember to do a chemical peel on them once in a while, but it was time for some light therapy.

Light can be utilized in various wavelengths to treat the skin.  Did you know that?!!  I think it’s pretty cool.  I won’t bore you by going into the science of it, unless you want me to.  I once prepared a lengthy Power Point presentation on the uses of light therapy in skin care.  ;0  But the gist of it is that light can be harnessed to treat redness and brown spots,  and to treat for hair removal and laser skin resurfacing, among other things.

You may have heard terms like IPL (intense pulsed light) and FotoFacial.  These are names for laser-like devices that are meant to target and get rid of reds and browns in the skin.  I have given and received these types of treatments, and today I went to Dermacare Tri Cities to have my hands done by Alyssa.  Love her.

I was originally scheduled to have my face done.  Yes, I have sun damage in the form of old lady spots on my face, too.  Though I love the results of IPL, I have to admit that I am a bit of a wimp about having them done.  There’s a very bright flash of light and a snapping sensation as the light pulses enter the skin.  Some say it feels like getting snapped with rubber bands.  I say it feels like getting slapped really hard!  So, I subconsciously sabotaged getting my face done when I started using my self-tanner on my face and neck a couple weeks ago.  For this type of treatment, especially when you’re targeting brown spots, you do not want a tan present.  Real or fake.  Remember, the machine is targeting the brown spots, and a tan will compete with your brown spots in making a target.  You are more likely to have adverse affects if you are tan.

I told Alyssa what I had done and asked if we could treat my hands instead.  That wasn’t a problem.  Alyssa set the machine for my skin type and for what she was treating on me, brown spots.  She got started and yes, it smarted a little!  But it was over fast.  Brown spots start to darken and/or come up on the skin’s surface in the hours and days following a treatment, which is actually a good sign.  The machine has targeted the brown spots, even ones that weren’t visible yet, and those spots will work their way to the surface and eventually flake off!

Generally, a series of  3-6 treatments done approximately 4 weeks apart will yield optimal results.  So, in 4 weeks I will see Alyssa for another treatment.  In between I will do a chemical peel on my hands.  And, and, and, I will remember to apply and reapply sunscreen to them every single day!

The pictures I posted here are from after my treatment today, so you can see the speckling that’s going on there.  I will try and get a copy of my before pictures next time I see Alyssa, so I can show you what things looked like before.



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