Blogging Via iPad

When your 22 year old son who has been living on his own for 2 1/2 years suffers some setbacks and needs to come home, life changes. A lot! My husband and I feel blessed to have our young man at home with us, and we are happy he is now attending college. It is a huge adjustment, though, to go from being empty nesters with some nice cash flow, to being on a very tight budget.

We also have just moved across state, so this gal who is accustomed to trading hair and skin services with her beauty industry bff’s is now doing her own peels and waiting for months on end to get her hair done. At the beauty school. Wahhh!!! I have fallen completely off the beauty wagon.

I use my iPad every single day, all the time, for work, play, and keeping in touch, but some things, like blogging, are not always easily doable via iPad. I’ve been putting my old laptop to use again, for all the things that I wasn’t able to do with the iPad. Given our current household budget deficit, you can imagine that I almost had twin cows when my laptop went on the fritz.

My dear, sweet husband is a frugal-minded fella already, but he was about to deliver his own little calves when he thought I was going to run out and buy myself a MacBook Pro. I remembered the not so distant days when I was promised “whatever you want” if I would only agree to relocate for hubby’s dream job. Sighhh. But I also remembered our stupid budget, so I Googled my heart out for an app that would allow me to complete all my blogging tasks from my iPad.

I found Blogsy, and for just $4.99, it may just be a dream come true. I am using it right now to post this blog, and if it works out how I think it will, I just saved us a bucketload of cash!

Pretty certain I deserve a day of beauty, and not the homemade kind.


4 thoughts on “Blogging Via iPad

  1. Love your blog. Totally agree with you and endorse Blogsy likewise. It makes blogging with my iPad doable and enjoyable, I just don’t look as good as you doing it.

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