I Never Asked For A Turkey Neck!

Among the “lovely” signs of aging, one of my least favorite has got to be the dreaded turkey neck.  At 41, and after working in the beauty industry for half my life, I have to admit I’m pretty peeved to see my own little waddle appearing before my eyes.

No longer having easy access to microdermabrasion (I shared a machine with my former business partner), I do give myself regular chemical peels. Microdermabrasion is a bit better at smoothing out the texture of the skin. Though my skin looks pretty good, and much better than it would without the physician-quality skincare products and peels I use, I am sure not going to get a neck lift out of the deal.

I am not in the market for plastic surgery at this time, and while treatments like Ulthera look promising for tightening the skin, that is still not in my budget.  So, I suppose I have got to deal with it as gracefully as I can.  I do like scarves, haha!

To some, the neck issue may seem like just a bunch of vanity and hooey.  I understand.  Please cut me some slack, though, when you work in the beauty industry, and skincare, in particular, it’s hard not to feel a little pressure where looks and signs of aging are concerned.

Gobble Gobble!

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