The Best Estheticians in the Tacoma Area

Esthetician is a funny word.  Not everyone knows what it means, but most people want one once they find out what it is!  Esthetics is a division of cosmetology, with the focus being on the health and beautification of the skin.  Be they known as beauty advisors, skin care experts, makeup artists, or hair removal specialists, estheticians wear many hats.

Beautiful, glowing skin has always been desirable, but aside from dermatology, skin care has not always garnered the attention in the Tacoma area that it receives nowadays.  You are likely now to find that many dermatology and plastic surgery clinics employ estheticians, and many salons and spas do as well.  An esthetician’s work is a great compliment to that of the doctor and the hair stylist alike, making the skin care profession a wonderful combination of health and beauty.

Each esthetician tends to be good at many of the aspects of their field, but it’s natural that they have certain services in which they really shine.  If you reside in the general Tacoma area, check out the following wonderful estheticians:

  • Makeup – Karli Stewart at Spa Aneity – 613 Capitol Way S, Olympia, WA 98501, 360-357-6953.  Karli’s place of business is a little bit of a drive from Tacoma, but she can help you with all your makeup needs, from color matching to bridal makeup.  
  • Brows and Lashes – Jamie DiStefano at Stella and Rocco’s – 3720 Sixth Avenue Suite D, Tacoma, WA, 98406, 253-686-8054.  The best brow waxing/shaping and beautiful lash extensions.
  • Day Spa Sooji’s Day Spa – 3914 6th Avenue, Suite B, Tacoma, WA  98406, 253-404-0024.  Sooji is lovely and will make you feel right at home in the facial room.
  • Clinical Skin Care – Angela Janssen at Laser Hair and Skin Center of Tacoma – 1201 Pacific Ave, Suite 1910, Tacoma, WA 98402, 253-572-2949.  Angela’s specialties are chemical peels, dermaplaning, and laser hair removal.
  • Laser SpecialistLucinda Johnson at Dr. Barbara Levy’s in Federal Way – 34503 Ninth Avenue South Suite 330, Federal Way, WA  98003, 253-927-1286.  Just a few minute’s drive on the freeway, but worth it for Lucinda’s experience and conscientiousness with IPL and Pixel.

When it comes to the health and beauty of your face and skin, always have an experienced esthetician on speed dial!

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