Is Thinning Hair Getting You Down?

Is bald beautiful? It can be! Is thinning hair a detriment to one’s self-esteem? Not always, but it definitely can be a contributing factor in diminished self-confidence. We live in a world where looks matter and youthful appearance is king. Keeping up with this, to an extent, helps many to feel more competitive in the workplace and more marketable on the dating scene.

At Northwest Hair Restoration in Tacoma, we see people daily who are seeking to halt receding hairlines and fill in areas of thinning. Many of our patients seek surgery, but a growing number of men and women are flocking to our office to see Dr. Robert Niedbalski for ACell + PRP. Dr. Niedbalski has been working with ACell and tweaking his recipe for some time now and is seeing great results in his patients – in other words, patients are having visibly noticeable growth and filling in of healthier, thicker hair in the treated areas.

ACell is a stem cell activator. When mixed with the patient’s own platelet rich plasma (PRP) and injected into the area to be treated, hairs that have been miniaturized are snapped back to life! Since hair grows an average of 1/4 inch per month, naturally patients can expect results to become visible over the months following their treatment. For those with very short hair, results will be visible more quickly. Patients can expect to experience less hair shedding immediately and to notice more fullness and less scalp visibility in the months following ACell + PRP injections.

Dr. Niedbalski discusses ACell + PRP in the following video:

ACell + PRP is an effective treatment for both male and female patients with thinning hair. It is currently most popular for the scalp, but is also gaining popularity for treatment of diminishing eyebrows. This treatment takes approximately 90 minutes, is non-surgical, and has a palatable price point, all together making ACell + PRP an appealing and accessible option for those patients experiencing thinning hair.

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