Microdermabrasion, Still a Favorite

As an esthetician, taking care of my own skin is important to me.  I use pharmaceutical-quality products at home (because I know they are effective and give the most bang for the buck), such as iS Clinical, SkinCeuticals, and PCA Skin, and I give myself regular chemical peels to keep my skin healthy and glowing.  When I can, I love to receive skin care treatments from other estheticians, particularly those treatments that I cannot easily do on myself, such as microdermabrasion.

Chemical Peels and Microdermabrasion are professional methods for treating the skin.  The goal of these treatments is to create healthier, smoother, clearer skin.  As an additional benefit of achieving those aforementioned goals, the skin is more radiant, beautiful, and youthful.  Who can argue with that?!!

A true microdermabrasion treatment is typically done in a med spa by a licensed esthetician.  A professional microdermabrasion treatment you have done in a medical office is not going to be in the same category as a “microdermabrasion” cream that you might use at home, which is basically just a scrub.  A professional device will have a vacuum component, which stimulates the circulation and helps the skin to nourish itself from within; and an exfoliating component, which may blow out fine crystals to abrade the skin, or may have a crystal-free diamond tip to exfoliate.  Some machines have a hydrating component from which a treatment serum can be introduced to the skin.  These are nice, too, but don’t worry if your favorite place doesn’t have this.  A crystal or diamond microdermabrasion treatment can be tailored for each individual based on the serums, masks, or other treatment products your esthetician chooses to use to treat your specific skin care needs.

Recently, I was able to receive a microdermabrasion treatment for the first time in a long time.  Like I mentioned, I regularly do my own chemical peels at home, which is wonderful, but sometimes it is nice to mix things up!  My skin was smoother and more glowing afterward, and my esthetician was lovely and caring.

What can you expect during a microdermabrasion treatment?  It is kind of like an intense facial, less relaxing, but better, quicker results.  The protocol I have loved for a long time is iS Clinical’s Microdermabrasion Protocol, which includes cleansing, application of Active Serum to get the exfoliation process started, and to allow the microdermabrasion wand to adhere to the skin better for a more effective treatment.  The rest of the treatment is tailored to the individual, but will include treatment serums, a hydrating, soothing mask, and appropriate moisturizer/SPF.

If you are just getting started on professional skin care treatments, or getting back into it after a while, your esthetician will determine what the best plan of action is for your skin’s particular needs.  Typically, your esthetician will suggest the appropriate skin care products for you to use at home, and will suggest the appropriate treatments and treatment intervals to whip your skin into shape!  Once your skin is “in shape”, you will maintain your results by continuing with your home care products, and typically you will be able to go longer in between treatments.  For example, it is not uncommon to be treated every 10 days to 3 weeks at first, and then perhaps every 4 to 8 weeks during maintenance phase.

Most skin care clinics/med spas will do a complimentary skin care consultation with you.  This will give the esthetician the opportunity to meet you, look at your skin, and go over a skin care and medical history with you.  This will allow your skin care professional to recommend a plan of action specifically for you, taking into account your questions, goals, and concerns regarding your skin.

What are you waiting for?!!

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