Not a Makeup Fan?

Even though most people have certain beauty rituals and grooming habits, some folks are just not into makeup… or at least they don’t think they are!  Not everyone wants to take the extra time to do their makeup, or they don’t know how, or they don’t want to “feel” anything on their skin.  There are solutions to all your makeup objections!

Makeup doesn’t have to take a long time if you don’t want it to. A 5-minute routine (or under) can be developed pretty easily. If you don’t know how to do your makeup, or need some new tips, YouTube is full of instructional videos, and most reputable med spas and salons that carry makeup will be able to help you with your makeup needs and questions. Don’t like the feel of makeup on your skin? I highly recommend looking into a good quality mineral makeup line, such as Iredale Mineral Cosmetics (Jane Iredale). It is possible to have a fast, simple makeup routine using a product line that is healthy for the skin, easy to use, beautiful, and weightless.

Oh, and another thing, for all you guys, or for the guys in your life… don’t let the term “makeup” turn you off!  Women are not the only ones who can and should even out their complexions with the stroke of a brush! Iredale Mineral Cosmetics has an H/E line just for men! Included in the line is a dry sunscreen/bronzer that evens out the skin tone and protects the skin from harmful UV rays at the same time. It is applied with a cool, masculine brush that was designed specifically for the application of the H/E Dry Sunscreen.

Curious why I’m a Jane Iredale fan?  This line of makeup was developed specifically for dermatology clinics, therefore the products must meet purity and safety standards.  You will not find cheap fillers and binders in these products, and nothing bad for you is in them.  As an esthetician, this appealed to me right away.  As a woman, and as someone who has been in the beauty industry for a lonnnng time, I also love that the products are easy to use and the brushes are high quality – as with many other things, having a high quality product and the right tools makes achieving your task so much easier and the results so much better!  With this line, it is very easy to create a simple, natural look, but you still have everything you need to create high fashion looks, or any other look you are wanting to produce.

Don’t be afraid of makeup!  In this case, it can be fast, simple, attractive, and good for you!




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