Thinning Hair? Sparse Brows? ACell + PRP!

The news is getting better all the time for those of us who are experiencing thinning hair and sparse brows.  Perhaps you have tried products or contemplated surgery?  There are quite a few great tools being utilized to battle hair loss.  At Northwest Hair Restoration in Tacoma, Dr. Robert Niedbalski has products, treatments, and surgical options for helping you get your hair back.

Did you know that a simple injection could help grow back your brows or hair?  ACell + PRP is a service offered at Northwest Hair Restoration, and we are getting some fantastic results.  ACell is a stem cell activator.  When mixed with the patient’s own platelet rich plasma (PRP) and injected into the treatment site, the patient’s own cells are kick started and begin to act like they used to.  Hair that was getting choked off is revived, and hair will begin growing in thicker and more vibrant.

 If you are a candidate for this procedure, the only thing standing between you and new hair growth is scheduling, having the injections, and waiting a few months for the new growth to start showing up!

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