Savvy Grooming, It’s Not Just For Women!

I admit that I am guilty of often gearing my esthetic-speak toward women.  While it is traditionally true that more women than men receive esthetic services, such as microdermabrasion, laser hair removal, Botox, etc., men make up a steadily growing number of the esthetic clientele.  And really, why should they not?  Men care about their appearance and about taking care of themselves, too.  Good grooming is important to both women and men.  Any guy who isn’t sure about this… just ask your spouse or significant other!

Most guys are aware of some of their more obvious grooming peeves… nose hair, wild eyebrows, and back hair, but unless they have noticeable skin care issues, they may not be aware that their skin needs TLC.  Skin is the largest organ, and it’s kind of creepy to think of how exposed it is to the elements!  For example, yes, we all need and most of us crave sunshine, but did you know that you need SPF on a daily basis?  Even when it’s cloudy?

Men are becoming savvier groomers by the minute.  As our world changes and many experience what they deem to be “age descrimination” in the workplace, many men are paying more attention to self-care than ever before.  The med spa truly is a man’s place just as much as a woman’s.

I am fortunate to work for a doctor whose facilities offer both med spa services and hair replacement services.  It seems funny sometimes that we offer Hair Restoration and Laser Hair Removal under the same roof, but both types of services are in high demand, for men as well as women.  It is not uncommon to desire hair restoration for the scalp and/or eyebrows, but to also want laser hair removal for the chest, back, and other areas.

We see both men and women for virtually all the services and treatments we offer, most med spas do these days.  Don’t be shy about scheduling your consultations and services, you will definitely not be the first and only guy to have microdermabrasion, Botox, or laser hair removal treatments!


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