Feeling Pretty, Feeling Alive!

I was pretty much initiated into the world of makeup and beauty by my older sister. She is 8 years older and a feisty one. If she wanted to do your makeup, fix your hair, tweeze your eyebrows, or (jeez luhweez) pierce your ears when you were in third grade, by golly, you were going to have it done! She was the makeup queen and never left the house without her face on and hair done, and still doesn’t. I am sure I have horrified her on a number of occasions Jane Iredale Spring 2012 Collectionwith my much more relaxed take on grooming.

Beauty school was fun for me, but I didn’t feel like a total natural, and I really didn’t take well to doing hair. When I got into skin care later on, I loved it! Makeup is an integral part of the skin care field, and though I was fair at doing my own makeup, doing other people’s made me a bit nervous. When I entered the field of medical skin care in 2001, there was no getting out of doing makeup. Makeup touch-ups, color matching, and camouflage makeup were all part of the territory.

The industry standard for makeup within the med spa realm is Jane Iredale Mineral Cosmetics. As a gal with finicky skin, this line has been a godsend. Jane was developed specifically for dermatology clinics, where products must be pharmaceutically pure and safe to use on sensitive and compromised skin. What I’ve noticed is that, whether you like the au naturel look or full-on glamour, you can achieve your look easily and beautifully with this line of makeup. What everyone else will notice is how your skin looks lovelier than ever!

At least in Washington State, Jane Iredale accounts are shown much love by the company. The trainers and reps are wonderful, and if the “artist” is at all willing, they get the training they need to help their clients successfully do their everyday makeup. I was so fortunate to have Sharona Schweitzer as my trainer when I was starting out with the line. She patiently held my hand and showed me the ropes, eventually inviting me to be part of the Jane Iredale Artistry Team for Washington State. These days she is the sales rep for the office I work for, Laser Hair and Skin Center of Tacoma. I’m so lucky!

Jane Iredale’s new spring collection, Feeling Alive, has gotten me all a-flutter! In fact, I can’t wait to order my own set! If you are already a Jane fan, and already a fan of Moonglow, Sunbeam, Just Kissed, and Eye Gloss, you are going to flip over the new colors! You can find Jane Iredale near you by going to their website and doing a search. You can usually find great Jane tutorials on YouTube, and for those in the Tacoma, WA area, you can schedule a complimentary consultation with Angela Janssen, our resident expert at Laser Hair and Skin Center of Tacoma!

I, for one, am more than ready for spring flowers, spring colors, sunshine, and Feeling Alive!

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