Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes…to your hairline?

Time may have changed your hairline, but did you know that in the Pacific Northwest we have one of the finest hair replacement surgeons in the country?  Dr. Robert Niedbalski has made hair replacement his focus and specialty for the last 20+ years.  His practice, Northwest Hair Restoration, is in Tacoma, Washington, overlooking the beautiful Thea Foss Waterway and the stunning Mt. Rainier.  Dr. Niedbalski has made it his goal to restore lost confidence that can come with a retreating, diminishing hairline.

Hair TransplantThe first step of your hair replacement journey will include a consultation with Dr. Niedbalski… oh, and you can call him Dr. Bob, it’s much easier!  After you fill out your paperwork, Dr. Bob will consult with you to discover your needs, wants, and expectations:

“Before you have decided to proceed with your hair transplant, Dr. Niedbalski will review several important concerns:

  1. Are you in good general health?
  2. Do you have any bleeding or healing disorders?
  3. Your age and degree of hair loss.
  4. The quality and quantity of your donor hair.
  5. What is your ultimate cosmetic goal?

These are some of the most important issues in deciding whether someone is a suitable candidate for hair transplantation.”

Hair transplantation is truly a highly refined skill and an art form, much more so than one would realize before researching.  You want a surgeon who has actually studied hair restoration and who is certified with The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, or ISHRS and The American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery, or ABHRS, not someone who viewed surgery once and decided to add it to their menu.  Also important to know, while there may be a time and place for machine or robot graft retrieval and placement, you should be aware that many times a technician is in charge of this and not an actual doctor.  Umm, scary?!!  A skilled surgeon doing strip harvesting will be able to extract a greater number of viable grafts for transplantation, will have a greater survival rate of the grafts, and will be able to artfully and meticulously plan and place the grafts.  Additionally, the truth is that the patient will have less total scar area with strip harvesting and more hair available to harvest in the event that future surgery is desired.  With advances in the hair restoration field, Dr. Niedbalski’s patients are healing with nearly undetectable scarring.

Many of us might never consider the placement of grafts to be an art form, but it most definitely is.  It is essential for the doctor to take the patient’s age, facial and skull structure, cowlicks and hair growth/curl patterns into account.  A hair replacement surgeon with an artistic eye, skilled hands, experience, and the desire to restore patient’s lost confidence is absolutely crucial to achieving a favorable outcome.

Once it is determined that you are a candidate for surgery, and your surgery day arrives, what happens as part of the surgical process?  You should expect to spend the day with us, during which time you will be able to eat, drink, watch tv/movies, and enjoy our beautiful view while Dr. Bob and staff are busy at work!  You will be given a sedative and your scalp will be numbed.  Dr. Bob will remove a strip of hair and the surgery technicians will carefully and meticulously separate and harvest the hair for grafting.  This is such an important part of the process because the follicular units (groups of 1-4 hairs) are extremely delicate.  Dr. Bob will then work fastidiously to create the tiny incisions where the grafts will be placed, also determining at what angle the grafts will be inserted.  Smaller follicular unit groupings are placed at the hairline, and larger groupings are phased in as he works his way back, which is vital for a natural looking result.

When your surgery is complete, you will leave the office with little to no bandaging.  In the days, weeks, and months that follow:

“Tiny crusts will form where the transplants have been placed and usually shed in 4 to 7 days. The small hairs in the newly transplanted grafts normally shed within 2 to 4 weeks after the procedure, and permanent hair growth begins in 8 to 12 weeks. You should expect significant cosmetic hair growth within 6 months and full hair growth within 9 to 12 months. Only one or two procedures are usually needed to treat a specific area of hair loss.”

You may also be interested to know that with Dr. Niedbalski’s technique, you do not have to shave your hair for surgery!

We would love for you to peruse Northwest Hair Restoration’s website for more comprehensive information regarding Dr. Niedbalski and his practice.  In addition to in-office consultations, Dr. Niedbalski is available for telephone and Skype consultations for those patients living outside of the Tacoma area.  Northwest Hair Restoration patients include people coming from out-of-state and even from outside the country.

Time may have changed your hairline, but Dr. Bob can restore it!

Northwest Hair Restoration . 1201 Pacific Ave, Suite 1910 . Tacoma, WA  98402 . (253) 572.2949

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