Botox, Baby! Botox…

Having spent most of my adult life in the beauty industry, and more than a decade of that in the med spa world, I am no stranger to Botox, dermal fillers, plastic surgery, and the like. I realize, though, that just because I am intimately familiar with it all doesn’t mean everyone else is. Sometimes it does surprise me when people don’t know what Botox is or what it does, but it doesn’t surprise me when people are a little leery of it. I have learned that, while it is nothing to be afraid of and has several great uses, it is good to know enough to have it done by a reputable doctor or nurse injector, and not in a dark alley somewhere! Ergo, if you are simply looking for the cheapest deal, you may end up in the back alley with black market who-knows-what being injected into your forehead! Or, at the very least, you may end up in inexperienced hands.

Botox has been used in the medical field for a long time. Uses range from muscle spasms to migraines, and, you guessed it, expression lines! Sort of like Penicillin, Botox is derived from something not so sexy. People tend to think of Botox and imagine they are going to be injected with the bacteria known as Botulism. While Botox is derived from the bacteria, the finished product is actually a highly purified protein and an elegant, excellent tool for doctors to use to help with some pesky issues.

When Botox is used for decreasing expression lines, your doctor will do a consultation with you to discuss your expectations and let you know how Botox can benefit you. At the time of injection, your doctor will ask you to make the expression that’s creating your troublesome creases, and he/she will know right where to inject the Botox. It will go into the muscle, and after a few days, those muscles will relax and will temporarily not be able to make the expression that creates the lines. Most people find their results last between 3-5 months, making it a nice way to smooth your appearance without having to commit to it forever.

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