For Lovelier Lips…

Sam Levenson wrote, “For Attractive lips, speak words of kindness.” That’s a good beauty tip we should all practice regularly! Cosmetic-related tips for lovelier lips include the following:

1) Exfoliate!
Jane Iredale’s Sugar end of their Sugar & Butter Lip Exfoliator/Plumper is a perfect and yummy way to achieve this. Simply rub the sugar end over the lips to scrub and moisten to remove. In a pinch, you can also use a soft toothbrush, or even a washcloth.

2) Moisturize and/or Plump!
The Butter end of Jane Iredale’s Sugar & Butter does both beautifully. A shea butter, peptide, ginger, and mint combo provide moisture and a delicate plumping, plus a sheer hint of color. Iredale has a range of lovely lip products, all safe enough to ingest, because you know that happens!

3)Makeup Tips!
A customer favorite moment always occurs when outlining the lips with the pink side of Jane Iredale’s Eye Highlighter Pencil (don’t let the name fool you)! This step highlights your own natural lip shape, and you may be surprised by how cute yours really is! Depending on your taste, or the day, a lip balm/plumper and the highlighter pencil may be enough. When you want a little more, use your lip liner…just inside the natural lip line if you want to minimize(what?!!) and just outside if you want to go a little more Scarlett Johannson(yes, please!), and then follow with lip gloss.

4)Need De-fuzzing?
Wax, get dermaplaned, get Laser Hair Removal!

5)Makeup tips are great but you need more?!!
Filler, baby! Filler.

3 thoughts on “For Lovelier Lips…

    1. The sugar/butter is great! I really love JI’s lip products. Have you tried the Just Kissed lip plumpers? The butter end of the sugar/butter is the same product. So lovely!

      What are your favorite JI products?

      1. Hi Jeri,

        I’ve started with the basics for now. I love the lipstick,but I think my favorite is the mascara. After I realized how many chemicals are in most makeup products, it’s such a relief to find such a pleasant, effective and safe line!

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