With multiple surgical and non-surgical hair restoration options nowadays, there is no longer any reason to remain a hopeless thinner. Hair loss on the scalp has gotten a lot of attention, and with the help of lash growth serums, such as Latisse, there are plenty of people batting longer and thicker lashes! How about help for the waning eyebrow? Where is their savior?

When brow fashion has run the gamut between Jean Harlowe and Frieda Kahlo (okay, I exaggerate), it’s no wonder people end up too thick or too thin. Too thick is an easy fix, thankfully! But sometimes folks are inclined to over groom their brows during a thin-is-in trend and end up with permanently diminished brows. Other times with age, people will experience thinning brows as well. Since the brows frame the eyes and can really impact one’s overall appearance, for better or worse, it’s good to give them a little attention.

Does it really matter if the brows are too thin? Well, not in an end-of-the-world kind of way, no. But a slightly fuller, well-groomed brow lends a more youthful, healthy appearance. Not just for women, either. Eyebrow trimming and grooming is universal, people!

Even if your brows are thinning, it is still important to have them trimmed and shaped. If you have decided to pursue thicker brows, having them shaped still makes a nice difference, as can brow tinting and makeup.

If you are already using Latisse or another lash growth serum, swipe it across your brows, too. It works! The results are noticeable after several weeks of nightly use, and the results may be enough to satisfy your brow wishes. You will have to keep it up though, or your lashes and brows will just return to whatever they were doing before.

Brow replacement surgery is an option that some may consider. Hair replacement surgery, in the proper hands, has become a very refined technique with favorable outcome. Dr. Robert Niedbalski has done beautiful brow replacement for men and women, recreating fuller, healthier, more attractive looking brows for his patients.

More recently, after Dr. Niedbalski began seeing great results regrowing scalp hair using a combination of ACell, a stem cell activator, and the patient’s own platelet-rich plasma (PRP), he began a brow study using ACell and PRP. The results have been positive and offer an effective and worthy addition to the list of treatment options for thinning brows.

Between your esthetician/makeup artist and the right doctor, there are some great choices out there for making your brows temporarily or permanently better than ever!


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