Can You Hair Me Now?

Thinning hair is not super wonderful when it begins happening on your head. Men usually do not appreciate it when they begin losing their hair, and women certainly don’t care for it at all when they see their own locks thinning! If you are experiencing thinning hair on your head, what are your options? Must you contend with it?

My own hair has always been on the fine side. And by fine, I don’t mean lusciously fine, I mean kinda scrawny. In the last decade my hair was gradually thinning, which became visibly noticeable in the last year or so. Sigh, like some of the other women in my family, my hairline had become visibly diminished. I tried clip-in hair and even got a weave one time! These options were okay in the short-term, but really weren’t all that practical for me. I came to accept that I would likely never have hair like a 1970s Farrah Fawcett or a present day Sophia Vergara.

I never knew of any real options for my type of hair loss, besides maybe a specialty shampoo, until I started working for Dr. Robert Niedbalski at Northwest Hair Restoration in Tacoma, Washington. While I knew my husband was a candidate for surgery, my situation didn’t seem to warrant the surgical route. When Dr. Niedbalski began educating me on non-surgical options, including oral medication (Propecia), topical medication (Rogaine), laser combs, and ACell with Platelet Rich Plasma(PRP), I found that there are options for people like me.

The non-surgical options are good for those who are not candidates for surgery, who are not ready for surgery, and for those who are both preparing for surgery and looking to enhance their surgical outcome. Doctor Niedbalski generally recommends using two or more non-surgical options simultaneously for optimal results. I was getting ready to purchase a laser comb, and probably still will, when the doctor recomended treating my hairline with ACell with Platelet Rich Plasma. He has been using ACell in conjunction with surgery, and as a stand-alone treatment, and the results have been pretty darn exciting!

ACell is a tissue regenerator that has many amazing uses in the medical and veterinary worlds. Dr. Niedbalski mixes it with the patient’s own platelet rich plasma and introduces it to the scalp (or other treatment areas, such as thinning brows), both in conjunction with surgery and as a stand-alone service. When used in conjunction with surgery, the patient will experience an even better survival rate of the grafted hair, improvement in the health and quality of existing hair, and, also significant, when the surgery scar heals it is almost imperceptable! When used as a stand-alone treatment, ACell with PRP stimulates the existing hair to grow in thicker and healthier. In other words, it rocks!

In July, I had Dr. Niedbalski treat my hairline with ACell with PRP. Initially, I noticed I was shedding less hair. Six to eight weeks later we could see under a scope that there was more hair growing in the treatment area than before. Now that it has been a little over five months, the new hairs have had the opportunity to grow a couple of inches, and I can see that my hairline has visibly filled in. Yes. Yes. Yesssss!!!

Dr. Niedbalski is also seeing significant improvement when using ACell with PRP in patients with extensive thinning, which is quite exciting. My husband is definitely a candidate for the surgery, but with the results we are seeing from the ACell with PRP, he will first undergo ACell treatment (approximately 90 minutes) and see how he likes the results. It may be that he is happy enough with the ACell results that he will either delay surgery or forgo surgery altogether.

It is possible that I may achieve that 1970s Farrah Fawcett hairdo after all! And my husband may just reclaim the look he had going in his college football pictures. By the end of 2012, we may see our dreams of luxurious hair being fulfilled. What would your hair wish be?

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