2012, Do I Hear An Amen?

Congratulations! You have survived 2011! Maybe 2011 was a wonderful one for you, I hope it was. And maybe it was a year of much change for you, like it was for me.

I am happy, in this moment, to be seeing the sunlight come in my window on this January morning, on this anniversary of the day I was born. (My son did not believe me when I said I was turning 35, ha!). The winter holidays have passed, and a challenging year has ended. Even as I am still feeling discombobulated from all the changes and upheaval, all the heartbreak and fear, I truly am beginning to see how I have been blessed through it all and despite it all.

How do we proceed into a new year when we are still reeling from the last? Well, we really don’t have much choice now, do we?!! Sometimes things happen that are outside of our control, and hopefully we can embrace and accept the love of God and the comfort of those who graciously offer it. I have seen people become bitter after experiencing difficulty in their lives, even when their own choices and actions have led to those difficulties. I have listened to people who say that nothing is ever good in their lives. Ever hear of self-fulfilling prophecy?!! I refuse to go down that route, even though there ARE days where I literally have to pray for an improved mood and attitude. I have chosen to be one of those who accepts God’s love and the comfort of those who offer it.

So I made it through 2011. I made it to my, uh, yeah, 41st birthday. Everything has been broken, scrambled, and changed in such a way that my life is practically unrecognizable. I look at all the pieces scattered around me, and with the Tri Cities sun shining on the shards of things that were, I see a different, better, more richly blessed picture forming.

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