Fill Me UP!

There are many options these days for those of us who would like to, ahem, fight the good fight where visible aging is concerned. Most have heard of Botox for relaxing frown lines, particularly those between the eyebrows. But did you know that dermal fillers like Juvederm can be used in areas where there has […]


With multiple surgical and non-surgical hair restoration options nowadays, there is no longer any reason to remain a hopeless thinner. Hair loss on the scalp has gotten a lot of attention, and with the help of lash growth serums, such as Latisse, there are plenty of people batting longer and thicker lashes! How about help […]

Can You Hair Me Now?

Thinning hair is not super wonderful when it begins happening on your head. Men usually do not appreciate it when they begin losing their hair, and women certainly don’t care for it at all when they see their own locks thinning! If you are experiencing thinning hair on your head, what are your options? Must […]

2012, Do I Hear An Amen?

Congratulations! You have survived 2011! Maybe 2011 was a wonderful one for you, I hope it was. And maybe it was a year of much change for you, like it was for me. I am happy, in this moment, to be seeing the sunlight come in my window on this January morning, on this anniversary […]