It is true what they say, spruce yourself up a little, you will feel better!

The end of 2011 has been pretty intense for me, with moving across state and family drama. Pretty much everything in my life is different than what I was expecting! I have learned to see the blessings and the provisions that have come with change and upheaval. And, after all, do we not end up where we are supposed to be?

I have been on “hiatus” since the end of August until just recently. This wasn’t really anticipated, but it ended up being necessary. This time I’ve had has been sort of like hibernation, and, sometimes I wished it was an actual hibernation, where I just slept and woke up to springtime, with everything coming to beautiful new life.

Beauty. Hmmm. I have spent most of my adult life in the beauty industry, where it is important to at least TRY to keep yourself well-groomed. Uhh. Yeah. During my “hiatus”, I pretty much took a break from all that. And it was nice…for a while!

Living in a brand new area, I can go most anywhere without running into anyone I know. This has been really cool, though I aim to change that! Lately, though, my husband and son have noticed the grey hair poking through. My husband keeps commenting on my need for a haircut. And when he looked down at my cracking toenail polish last week, he said, “Grrrlll, you fallin’ apart!”

Okay, hiatus over! I polished my own toes(sadly), scheduled getting my hair done, and have resumed working for my favorite doctor on the planet, Dr. Robert Niedbalski, of Northwest Hair Restoration of Tacoma. Though I have not woken up to spring, Christmas did come early!

Cheers to a Blessed 2012!

2 thoughts on “It is true what they say, spruce yourself up a little, you will feel better!

  1. Love your honesty Jerri — AND I GET IT!! Goin’ through a lot of the same things….! Hugs and happy holiday season to your and yours. As soon as we get that house on the lake we EXPECT y’all to come out for ice fishin’. (OK, you don’t have to….we’ll go shopping!)

    1. I would try ice fishing! We would love to visit you 🙂 Merriest Christmas, Kleffmans! And a blessed 2012 in your new neck of the woods!

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