Hello Tri Cities!

I am a brand new Kennewick resident and, until now, I have never spent more than a few days in the Tri Cities at a time. Having grown up in Western Washington, this is a pretty big change for me. I will miss all the vivid greens and, sometimes, maybe, I will even miss some of the precipitation! My friends, co-workers, and connections will be missed, but once I get settled, I think they will learn I am pretty good at keeping in touch.

Mt. Rainier’s awesomeness will be missed, though she was not always on display. Our old house had a spectacular view of her…sometimes! When our beloved Golden Retriever died last November, our vet’s office was to scatter the ashes on Mt. Rainier. Sad, yes, but it was kind of sweet to think about looking out our window and imagining him there. Now we have moved, and losing that view was doubly difficult because of our Stanley Poo being up on the mountain!

Our new home has a vastly different, though also cool view, but I will miss the Cascades and the Olympics. I was just told, though, that if I travel up the road a ways, I will come to a place where I can view Mt. Adams AND Mt. Rainier. This makes me happy!

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