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Summertime Thang… Wedding Makeup & Skin

1 Jul

Do you have weddings to attend this summer? Or maybe YOU are getting married?!! Let’s talk about makeup and skincare then.

Makeup and skincare go together as a topic, or at least, they should. The skin is the canvas, and the healthier and smoother, the better you and your makeup will look.

What you do to prep your skin will depend on how much time you have, what you’re willing to do, and how much money you can factor in.

I’ve been doing skincare for a long time, and I can tell you, don’t decide at the last minute before your big event to get your first facial or peel ever. In case of an adverse response or the skin needing to purge, you want to give at least two weeks before your event if you will be trying new skin treatments or products. If you are at two weeks or less, don’t risk it, but do get the best quality makeup you can, and hire a reputable makeup artist, if at all possible. If not, girl, get on YouTube for some tutorials!

If you’ve got more time to work with, try treatments like the ultrasonic facial that won’t make you red, flaky, or sensitive. You still need to enjoy your summer, right?!!


The skincare product I’ve chosen to endorse is NeriumAD. Why? It’s the hardest working product I’ve found and it improves a multitude of complexion concerns, such as fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, brown spots, dull skin, and sagging. It’s a natural product that gives real results without over-processing your skin. I call it a facial in a bottle!

Real Results With NeriumAD

Real Results With NeriumAD

Being in skincare, and predominately advanced skincare in the med spa arena, I do have a preference for the highest quality products and ingredients. My makeup line of choice is Iredale Mineral Cosmetics, or Jane Iredale. First developed to be safe and compatible within a dermatology setting, Iredale is a full range, beautiful makeup line that looks fresh, pretty, and lasts all night. Blotting instead of wiping will leave your makeup on and only remove perspiration and oil production. Other than that, the only thing you should really ever need to touch up is your lips.


So your skin is looking good and you’ve picked out your venue, colors, decor, and your dress (assuming you’re the bride), and you’ve picked out your attire if you’re not the bride, now you can decide on a makeup look that will be a marriage (wah wah wah) of your own natural, personal style and the theme for the event. Keep in mind that most grooms prefer a little more of a natural look. But you and your makeup artist or your bffs are the only ones that need to know what exactly went into achieving that natural look!

Similar rules apply to wedding makeup as the rest of the time:

Bold eyes and lots of lashes paired with a nude lipstick/gloss.

Hey! There’s more than one way to get big lashes! Use Latisse or other lash growth serums, start a couple months ahead of time and grow your own! Getting lash extensions is another option. Or, use false lash strips or clusters. Experiment with lash extensions and false lashes at least a few weeks ahead of time to make sure you don’t have any allergies or sensitivities.

Even when choosing a nude lip look, I still recommend using a good lip liner and lip stain, topped off with lipstick or gloss.

bold eye nude lip

Smoky eyes paired with a pink lip. 

Experiment with the smoky eye. It’s a gorgeous look and is actually easy to do. Start with the deepest shade around the lash line, use slightly lighter but still deep color out to the crease line, and lighter, more skin toned up to the brow. Blend! Add highlite at brow bone and inner corners of eyes, and do your brows! You can’t have them fading into the background!

Help keep your pretty lips in place with lip stain first, then lipstick.


Fuller yet groomed eyebrows and retro eyeliner paired with bold lip color.

Brow stencils or a steady hand and an artful eye will go a long way here. Keep eyeshadow pretty classic, main shade not much deeper than your skin tone, deeper shade for crease and bottom lash line, and highlite shade. Practice a tight line along your upper lash line, keeping at the area where lashes grow out of your lid. Wing the liner out some at the outer edge.

Precise lip liner, a lip stain, and lipstick/gloss will help you keep your bold lip throughout your event.

retro liner bold lip

Dewy skin and nude eyes paired with glossed up lips.

Good skincare is really paying off here! Add to that a dewy or luminous finish foundation or BB Cream. A cream blush will continue your glowing theme.

Line lips and use a lip stain/gloss combo. Keep a classic eye look with lighter/nude shades.

Above all, may your summertime weddings and special events be blessed and successful! Mazel Tov!!!

In Anticipation and Dread of Fall – Easy Makeup & Beauty Change-ups

18 Aug

It seems to me that just as I start relaxing into summer it’s suddenly time to consider fall fashion and makeup trends.  I feel both apprehension and anticipation at once.  Back to school butterflies come, whether I’m going back or not!  And it’s not the autumn that I truly dread, but the idea of a long winter coming.  I’ve got to try not to hibernate this year!

Yesterday I did something that I haven’t done for a long time, I bought a big ol’ magazine, InStyle’s Fall Edition.  It is about a mile thick, so I’m thinking I got a good deal?  Anyway, it brought me back to my teenage years when I couldn’t wait to pore over the extra fat editions of fall fashion magazines, studying the pages for clothing and makeup ideas.  Flash me a pic of any 1980’s supermodel, I can surely tell you her name!

InStyle Fall Fashion












Unlike when I was a kid, perusing the glossy magazine pages didn’t leave me pining away for million dollar fashions, but I was inspired to stroll around online to further examine fall beauty trends.  Updating the way you style your hair or changing the color of your lipstick doesn’t have to cost a lot.  In fact, depending on what you have on hand, you may be able to cruise into fall on a shoestring!

Brows are full, yet groomed.  Edgy, boyish, youthful.  Lay off the tweezing!  Make sure your brow wax queen knows you are letting yours fill in!  Been tweezing a long time, sistah?  Purchase some Latisse and start using it on your brows now, they’ll begin to blossom.  In the meantime, you can fill in sparse brows with makeup.  For more on brows, refer to my blog entitled The brow’s meow: how to get eyebrows that wow.

Bold color on the lips!  Try bright red lips with a pop of color on the eyes – note, you can pull this off if you keep your hair very sleek.  Also, bright red or mulberry lips with no eyeliner or mascara, think Audrey Hepburn.  Daring lips are no surprise for fall, but the change from summer color is kind of fun.  All this fancy lip business is a nice way to keep things from getting too drabby looking in the autumn months.  You know, when the weather turns blah and the world seems to fade to sepia tone?  No.  Let’s not let that happen!













Rosy cheeks!  A pretty, flushed look that is so lovely with an equally rosy lip and a feminine hairstyle.

Michael Kors












Statement eyes.  We are still seeing a lot of the “smoky eye” type, which I love. Terminology may be slightly different, words like hazy and ombre are thrown about, and blues and greens are being used a bit more.  Remember a softer lip paired with smoky eye looks best.  Also seeing some fun cat eyes with vivid colors such as cobalt, again worn with a soft, nude lip.

Couture and Cosmetics

Anna Sui















Smooth, side parted ponytails.  Sleek and simple.  Even I can do this!











The deep side part.  I found a great website/blog called Whoorl that has some fun video tutorials on it.  One I liked was Three Ways to Wear a Deep Side Part.  I watched this tutorial and realized that I had a couple of the little hair screws tucked away, I had just not really known how to use them.  Now that I do, I need to buy some more!

Beautiful, clean, flawless looking skin is always in.  Take good care of yours, get your facials, peels, or whatever your esthetician recommends for your particular skin.  And fake it til you make it with a bb cream, like Jane Iredale’s new Glow Time.

Chaos Magazine







I love this picture because I feel like it embodies many of the fall beauty trends – full brows, clean skin, a deep side part, and red lips!





I remember the feeling every year of wanting an amazing new wardrobe but never quite getting it!  Thankfully being on the other side of 40 seems to have taken away some of the pressure I used to feel regarding being fashionable. Maybe this coincides with money needing to go to other things, like landscaping and, apparently, country clubs (another story).  Sigh.  Anyway, I’ve always kind of enjoyed putting together whatever clothing and accessories I have in funky and new ways.

You may know that I don’t love spending a lot of time on my hair, but I want it to look decent.  It was a relief to find the deep side part styles  – easy and sleek, bring it on!

I like taking care of my skin and doing my makeup, at least!  Fall color palettes are always pretty.  I hunted down my Jane Iredale Lip Crayons in Tasty, a rosy red, and Naughty, a brick-ish red.  Yay!  But as soon as I went to tell you about them, I discovered that Jane has discontinued them, which is too bad!  They are perfect because they are natural, long lasting, and can be used as lip liner and lipstick.  At the present time, you can still purchase some online.  Do look for Jane Iredale’s Lip Fixation, though.  This is a beautiful dual-ended product, long lasting lip stain and lip gloss, and it’s available in a variety of colors.

Oh, and I may have layed my eyes on the new fall items from Jane Iredale ;) Gorgeous!  Guess I’ll be blogging about them (and hopefully wearing them) soon!

New Primer & Beauty Balm from Jane Iredale

29 Jun
Jane Iredale has two exciting and transformative new products coming out! Smooth Affair – A smoothing and brightening primer that makes all skin types look luminous and can be used under ANY of the Iredale foundations.Glow Time – a full coverage mineral BB (beauty balm) cream with a broad spectrum SPF 25. Makes the skin look like velvet.I am certain these will become your new best friends!I was able to see these two items in action at a training recently at Impress Salon in Walla Walla, and all I can say is, “When can I get mine?!!”  I loved each item more than I expected.

The primer is a cross between a terrific skincare product and a facial primer. It perked up and smoothed out every complexion I saw it applied to.
The BB cream is easy to work with and gives full coverage in a flash.  I have enjoyed all the other foundation formulations in this line, but I’m sure this is going to be my new favorite.  Everyone I saw it applied to looked radiant and beautiful.  It seems to give more coverage than the PurePressed that I’ve been using, but still looks like skin.
What more could you ask for from your makeup, right?  I am so happy that Laser Hair and Skin Center of Tacoma, the office I work for carries Jane Iredale, it’s the perfect makeup – beautiful and good for you!

Jane Iredale’s PureGloss Lip Gloss

1 Jun

Lip Gloss Loveliness

Rock It With Sheer Tints, Self-Tanner, Bronzers, and SPF

7 May

What a wonderful feeling to wake up to sunshine!  Like many of you, I love to see sunny skies and to feel the warmth on my skin.  Gone are the carefree days, though, when we were ignorant about the dangers of UV exposure.  UV exposure leads to increased risk of skin cancer.  Period.  With skin cancer on the rise (The Skin Cancer Foundation says more than two million people are diagnosed in the U.S. annually) it is more important than ever to be sun savvy and to stay out of the tanning beds.  I do not care if the darling 16-year-old working in the tanning parlor tells you their beds are safe. They are NOT!!!  According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, “Indoor ultraviolet (UV) tanners are 74 percent more likely to develop melanoma, the most dangerous type of skin cancer,  than those who have never tanned indoors.”  74 percent!  And, “People who use tanning beds are 2.5 times more likely to develop squamous cell carcinoma and 1.5 times more likely to develop basal cell carcinoma.”

Keeping all that in mind, I know that we still want to play outside, and I know we still want to look amazing in (or out of) our spring and summer clothes.  There are a ton of options that give you the ability to protect your skin and bronze it up at the same time.  Thankfully!  There are great products available which provide a sheer to moderate tint, some of which also include sun protection.

Most of he following are from Jane Iredale – the skin care makeup:

I talk a lot about Jane Iredale’s beautiful self-tanner, Tantasia.  I still cannot get over the fact that it smells pleasant and citrusy, isn’t streaky, looks slightly bronzy immediately upon application, and then allows the wearer to build and maintain as much of a natural-looking tan as desired.  When I apply it, I go ahead and apply a regular lotion to my elbows and feet so they don’t soak up extra tint, and it is recommended to wash your hands afterward so your palms don’t get a tan (that’d be weird).  While it is still good to exfoliate your skin regularly, you don’t have to worry about scrubbing down before each Tantasia application.  I’ve noticed the product doesn’t seem to collect in crease lines, like those on the back of the ankles, and that fading is gradual, not that weird flaking-off look that some self-tanners get. Tantasia works with the individual’s chemistry to produce a natural-looking tan. Remember that you will still need sun protection.

Dream Tint is a great Iredale product that offers a sheer coverage and SPF 15. This product helps to hold moisture in the skin and reduces the look of enlarged pores.  When used on its own, Dream Tint is like a tinted moisturizer (though dryer or more mature skin will want to use their favorite moisturizer underneath). When used underneath one of Jane Iredale’s powderized mineral foundations, Dream Tint acts as a primer, smoothing the look of the skin, and allowing the foundation to provide more coverage.  Dream Tint is available in 8 shades, from light to dark, including one called Warm Bronze that adds a little sun-kissed effect!

Jane Iredale also has a myriad of bronzing products that can be brushed on so you can bronze yourself to your heart’s content!  The So Bronze collection is great to use on those areas where the sun would hit, like the cheeks and nose, for example.  Those who experience redness in the cheek area may enjoy using bronzer instead of blush.  You can also do a little contouring with So Bronze and a fan brush.  

I really love the Quad Bronzers from Jane that can be used as bronzer, blush, and eye shadow.  Multi-purpose items are golden in my book!  

And, if you have read my blog before, you may already know that I  really like Jane Iredale’s Powder Me SPF 30.  It comes in Translucent, Tanned, and Golden. Tanned and Golden contribute to a slightly suntanned look, and all three offer a dry and chemical-free sun protection.  Perfect for travel, this product will not spoil after baking in your hot car or your beach bag all day!  Easy to put on squirmy kids and men ;) , and easy to reapply your SPF without ruining your makeup, this is one SPF that’s a real crowd pleaser! 

It’s great when SPF contains a tint.  Skin Ceuticals has an SPF 50 with a universally flattering, sheer, and matte finish.  Sheer Physical UV Defense SPF 50 is appropriate for all skin types, including very sensitive skin.  

iS Clinical has two tinted sunscreens, SPF 25 Treatment Sunscreen comes in regular and tinted (Perfect Tint), and moisturizes, protects, and hydrates; and SPF 20 Powder Sunscreen comes in Translucent and Medium, and is applied with a built-in brush, that’s handy!  The Treatment Sunscreen is one that I have really enjoyed, and I like the Perfect Tint a lot.  I do hope they will make a mid-tint someday, though!  The Perfect Tint comes out quite dark, and for my face and neck I almost always am mixing it with the regular version.  But!  For my legs and arms, I blend it in full-strength for a temporary tanned look plus SPF all in one!

When it comes to looking tanned and being protected, there are so many options! Please check out SkinCancer.org for more statistics and for more ways to protect yourself  There is no need to compromise your health in order to look good, so please, rock the self-tanner, sun protection, and bronzers like the superstar you are!

Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup – the perfect wedding attire!

4 Apr

Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup is a pure and beautiful industry favorite because it works and photographs like a dream. Get your wedding groove on all day and night and still look better than your friends that wore some other brand! Staying power is a plus for a busy, special event.

Men, don’t feel left out! While you need not resort to “makeup”, Iredale’s H/E line has a terrific dry sunscreen/bronzer. Applied with a special “manly” brush that looks like a shaving brush, it’s just enough to even out skin tone for a more polished look. Keep lips perfect with H/E Lip Balm SPF 15. It is a lemony gem that keeps lips soft, soothed, and protected.

Find out where Jane Iredale is sold near you at http://janeiredale.com/.

Mazel tov!


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