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5 Tips For Keeping Your Skin Lovely This Summer

3 Jun
Skinblissful's Jerri Lien

Skinblissful’s Jerri Lien

1) Be Sun Savvy And Bump Up Your SPF In The Summer

We all should be using SPF all year round during daylight hours. Did you know that? Even when it’s cloudy, even when you are indoors (unless you have all the drapes closed and the lights off, haha!), and even if your skin is dark. While it is true that we need Vitamin D, and some health experts are recommending 10-15 minutes of sun exposure on skin free of SPF instead of eating or supplementing your Vitamin D, please note that dermatologists and skin cancer experts recommend an SPF of 50 every single day.
Because most signs of aging come from UV exposure, and because UV exposure ups your odds of developing skin cancer, AND because even those who are pretty good about applying SPF do not always get complete coverage or reapply as often as they should, I highly recommend sun protection on a daily basis. Make SPF part of your morning routine, and have a product on hand so that you can reapply your sun protection throughout the day, especially if you are out swimming, skiing, or even walking your dog. The general rule is to reapply your sun protection every hour, and more often if you are swimming or perspiring, and toweling off.
There are so many great formulations of SPF out now, so there really are no more excuses! I typically enjoy iS Clinical products, though I have not yet tried their new Eclipse SPF 50 (3 oz $39.50). You can bet I am going to grab myself a tube in time for summer! Eclipse SPF 50 comes in translucent and two tinted shades, is water resistant, and offers broad spectrum UV protection. I always keep Jane Iredale’s Powder Me SPF 30 (2 oz $44) on hand for touching up SPF without messing up makeup, and because it will not spoil in my car’s console on a hot day. Powder Me SPF also comes in translucent and two tinted shades. PCA Skin is another great skincare line that offers a variety of SPF products, one to fit your every need.
Dry SPF!!!

Dry SPF!!!

iS Clinical Eclipse SPF 50

iS Clinical Eclipse SPF 50



2) Keep Hydrated… From The Inside Out

Yes, you hear this all the time, but it is especially important in the summer. As things heat up, and as you may become more physically active this time of year, you will lose hydration quickly via perspiration. Keeping hydrated is both a beauty issue in that when you are well-hydrated, your cells and organs, and all your systems, function better, and when things are functioning better, you look better! We need at least 8-10 glasses of water a day, and perhaps more in the summer, and when we are working out. Remember to drink sodas, coffee drinks, and cocktails in moderation, as those beverages do not count as water intake and tend to be dehydrating. Boo! But true.

If you are spending time in intense heat or working out more, you need more hydration, and sometimes more than just water. This could be a whole separate blog! So please do a little research on keeping hydrated. One article I liked was written for runners but can apply to anyone who works out – check out Summer Hydration.
Regardless of your skin type, you will want to use a moisturizer to bind water to your skin – think of a plant that is wilting and how it perks up when you water it. That is what a good moisturizer can do for your skin. There are moisturizers for virtually every skin type. Some I like are Nucelle’s Mandelic Moisturizing Sunscreen SPF 17 (2 oz $30), Jane Iredale’s Dream Tint (2 oz $44), and PCA Skin’s ReBalance (1.7 oz $34).
Jane Iredale Dream Tint

Jane Iredale Dream Tint

Nucelle Mandelic Moisturizing Sunsreen SPF 17

Nucelle Mandelic Moisturizing Sunsreen SPF 17

PCA Skin ReBalance

PCA Skin ReBalance

3) Always Cleanse Your Skin At Night
One of my little esthetician pet peeves is when people don’t cleanse their skin at night! I know you are tired, but you are doing yourself and your skin such a disservice if you don’t take care of it at night. Even if you don’t wear makeup, a gentle cleansing at night will remove oil, perspiration, SPF, air pollution, and any debris from the day behind you. I also recommend a double cleanse at night. The first cleanse should be quick to remove the bulk of the debris, and the second cleanse you can spend a little more time on. The light exfoliation and massage you do at night when you are cleansing and treating your skin will also help keep pores clean, remove dead skin cells, and stimulate circulation and cellular turnover.
Depending on the skincare products you use and the regimen you follow, you may or may not need to cleanse in the morning. Some regimens call for simply rinsing the skin well with lukewarm water in the morning.
There are cleansers geared toward every type of skin and every type of situation. For example, iS Clinical makes a cream cleanser (6 oz $48) that can be used with or without water, simplifying cleansing for soldiers, campers, and those who are on bed rest. There are also tools that facilitate cleansing, like Jane Iredale’s Magic Mitt ($15), a microfiber mitt that works with water to cleanse your skin and remove makeup. The Magic Mitt can be used with or without cleanser. The Clarisonic cleansing brushes (approximately $100 to$225) are fantastic, too. Combine the Clarisonic with your favorite cleanser and you will be cleansing approximately six times more thoroughly than when cleansing with your hands.
Use lukewarm water when cleansing and rinsing your skin. Hot and cold temperatures can be drying, overstimulating and/or irritating.
iS Clinical Cream Cleanser

iS Clinical Cream Cleanser

Jane Iredale Magic Mitt

Jane Iredale Magic Mitt



4) Treat Your Skin At Night
At night when you sleep is when your whole body jumps into rejuvenation mode. Getting plenty of sleep is key, that’s why they call it beauty sleep ;)
We have already established that it is important to cleanse your skin at night, and everyone has heard of beauty sleep, but did you know that using product to “treat” your skin with at night will be one more step on the path to healthy, beautiful skin? While your body is already in repair mode, you can help your skin by using a treatment product that works while you are sleeping.
I make no secret of the fact that I love NeriumAD (1 oz $110), a nighttime skincare treatment product that is changing how people think about their skincare regimens. What I really love about it is that I can treat my skin with Nerium to combat the signs of aging, like fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots, and sagging, without making my skin sun sensitive. I’ll be honest, I wait all year for summer and do not want to have to miss out on one bit of it because of whatever I’m using to treat my skin!
Other products I like for nighttime that will not make you sun sensitive are SkinMedica’s TNS Essential Serum (1 oz $260) and Nucelle’s Mandelic Anti-Oxidant Moisturizer (2 oz $30).


SkinMedica TNS Essential Serum

SkinMedica TNS Essential Serum

Nucelle Antioxidant Moisturizer

Nucelle Antioxidant Moisturizer

5) Summertime Skincare Treatments
If you are someone who spends a lot of time outdoors in the summer, or you do workouts that heat you up, like hot yoga, bicycling, jogging, kickboxing, or whatever, it’s really a good idea to take this into consideration when planning your skincare treatments. Certain treatments do not mesh well with sun exposure or increased body temperature and perspiring. Rethink peels and laser types of treatments during the summer months.
Are you like me and not willing to miss out on the summer sunshine? For my customers and for myself, I’m not willing to take safety risks when it comes to the skin. So what’s a skincare fanatic to do?!! And what’s a skincare fanatic to recommend?!! Save the heavier duty treatments for winter. Instead, opt for European Facials, Ultrasonic Facials, and even a light Dermaplaning session. This way, you can still take great care of your skin without compromising it and without cramping your summer style!
This particular blog entry was written at the request of my dear friend, Rebecca Dashow. Rebecca is a talented fashionista who can whip your closet and wardrobe into shape, often using elements  you already own. We will be guest blogging for  one another on a monthly basis, isn’t that fun?!! Please check out Rebecca’s blog at
Have a beautiful, glowing, safe, fabulous summer!
XOXO Jerri Lien

Rebecca Dashow – You Need Her In Your Closet!

29 May
Rebecca Dashow & Son Photo by Mera Koh

Rebecca Dashow & Son
Photo by Mera Koh

Recently I spent an afternoon with some wonderful ladies, old and new friends, at an art loft in downtown Tacoma. It was a bittersweet moment, and I was feeling nostalgic because I no longer live in the area, but it was also sweet to reminisce about the good old days of doing business downtown. I met a lot of wonderful people – artists and business owners – who formed a close-knit community of people who truly cared for and supported one another. I am no longer able to do business in Tacoma on a full-time basis, which I dearly miss, but I started thinking about ways to maintain those connections with and remain helpful to one another. Blogging is the immediate answer, with more ideas to follow!

While I will continue writing about the skin and beauty industries, I also want to begin regularly featuring some of the many amazing people I know who have enriched my life. One such person is Rebecca Dashow. When I met her, I owned and operated a skincare studio with two other women in downtown Tacoma, and Rebecca owned an upscale women’s boutique. We were introduced by common friends and became friends ourselves. I enjoyed visiting with Rebecca and shopping at her boutique, and she came to me for skincare and makeup.

A lot has changed, and these days I am living four hours away. Rebecca no longer has her brick and mortar boutique, but she does have lots of other fabulous things going on. Check it out!

Rebecca Dashow, in her own words:

A stylist, personal shopper and wardrobe consultant.
Blogger, fashion writer and speaker.
A buyer and boutique consultant.

Hey there Gals!,

My name is Rebecca Dashow and I am just a regular gal who happens to be crazy in love with clothes. I am also in love with helping other women fall in love with clothes too. My philosophy, “love who you are, you will love what you wear.” That is my mission that is what I will preach and teach. I am your stylist, your friend, your closet clean-up diva. I owned and operated a fabulous high end-boutique from 2004-2009. I changed directions a bit when my gorgeous son came into the world. I started a consulting business and have styled some very high–end internet campaigns, and I work with big companies in the Seattle area, plus I style and work with my amazing clients and their wardrobes daily, mainly teaching them how to SHOP THEIR CLOSETS. I also really focus on the psychology of why we don’t allow ourselves to look good, and love ourselves the way we look? Basically I am just sick of women picking themselves apart so maybe I can help you feel good about the way you dress, smile at the image in the mirror, and enjoy playing dress up each day.

My main reason for starting this blog is to get my message across that you can only look good if you start from the inside out. So start today. Let me help you find your style, find you. I am available for help whether a daily tip on my blog or a question by email. Maybe you hire me as your virtual stylist. I want to style you from the inside and just have some fun.

Love, Rebecca

Rebecca Dashow Virtual Styling

Rebecca Dashow
Virtual Styling

The brow’s meow: how to get eyebrows that wow

7 Apr

Have you ever noticed how important nicely shaped eyebrows are to overall appearance?  Or how a very light or blonde brow seems to visually disappear?  Do you appear angry even when you are not?  Beautiful, well-groomed, unfurrowed eyebrows frame and showcase what many consider to be the most important feature, the eyes!  And, speaking of brows, we have plans for you and yours!  Whether you need them waxed, tinted, made up, replaced, or unfurrowed, Northwest Hair Restoration and Laser Hair & Skin Center of Tacoma is the place to be.

For an easy makeup solution to enhancing your brows instantly, Jane Iredale, The Skin Care Makeup, has a travel-size compact called Bitty Brow Kit, that comes in blonde and brunette.  The kit is $27.00, and includes a botanical brow wax and pigmented powder for adding definition and staying power.

Laser Hair and Skin Center of Tacoma’s medical esthetician/laser technician, Angela Janssen, in addition to loving skin care, is also a big fan of brow waxing and tinting!  Brow wax $17.00, brow tint $17.00.

For those deep furrows or worry lines between the brows, Botox is a terrific option.  Botox is a purified protein that, when injected into your expression lines, will cause the muscle to relax and smooth out.  This treatment lasts approximately 4 months.  To view progressive before and after pictures of Botox results, please visit the Botox website.

At Northwest Hair Restoration, Dr. Robert Niedbalski does more than hair replacement on the scalp, he also does eyebrows, and they turn out beautifully.  Our staff has been positively giddy over the results!

Dr Niedbalski is one of the pioneering researchers in the application of ACell with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for both hair multiplication in hair restoration surgery and combating baldness with injection therapy.  In September 2011, he began a small clinical trial (10 men and 10 women) to study the effects of ACell + PRP therapy on thinning eyebrows. So far the results have been very promising.

Whether your brows need makeup, waxing, de-furrowing, or replacing, there are great options available to help you get brows that wow.

The Best Estheticians in the Tacoma Area

6 Apr

Esthetician is a funny word.  Not everyone knows what it means, but most people want one once they find out what it is!  Esthetics is a division of cosmetology, with the focus being on the health and beautification of the skin.  Be they known as beauty advisors, skin care experts, makeup artists, or hair removal specialists, estheticians wear many hats.

Beautiful, glowing skin has always been desirable, but aside from dermatology, skin care has not always garnered the attention in the Tacoma area that it receives nowadays.  You are likely now to find that many dermatology and plastic surgery clinics employ estheticians, and many salons and spas do as well.  An esthetician’s work is a great compliment to that of the doctor and the hair stylist alike, making the skin care profession a wonderful combination of health and beauty.

Each esthetician tends to be good at many of the aspects of their field, but it’s natural that they have certain services in which they really shine.  If you reside in the general Tacoma area, check out the following wonderful estheticians:

  • Makeup – Karli Stewart at Spa Aneity – 613 Capitol Way S, Olympia, WA 98501, 360-357-6953.  Karli’s place of business is a little bit of a drive from Tacoma, but she can help you with all your makeup needs, from color matching to bridal makeup.  
  • Brows and Lashes – Jamie DiStefano at Stella and Rocco’s – 3720 Sixth Avenue Suite D, Tacoma, WA, 98406, 253-686-8054.  The best brow waxing/shaping and beautiful lash extensions.
  • Day Spa Sooji’s Day Spa – 3914 6th Avenue, Suite B, Tacoma, WA  98406, 253-404-0024.  Sooji is lovely and will make you feel right at home in the facial room.
  • Clinical Skin Care – Angela Janssen at Laser Hair and Skin Center of Tacoma – 1201 Pacific Ave, Suite 1910, Tacoma, WA 98402, 253-572-2949.  Angela’s specialties are chemical peels, dermaplaning, and laser hair removal.
  • Laser SpecialistLucinda Johnson at Dr. Barbara Levy’s in Federal Way – 34503 Ninth Avenue South Suite 330, Federal Way, WA  98003, 253-927-1286.  Just a few minute’s drive on the freeway, but worth it for Lucinda’s experience and conscientiousness with IPL and Pixel.

When it comes to the health and beauty of your face and skin, always have an experienced esthetician on speed dial!

Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup – the perfect wedding attire!

4 Apr

Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup is a pure and beautiful industry favorite because it works and photographs like a dream. Get your wedding groove on all day and night and still look better than your friends that wore some other brand! Staying power is a plus for a busy, special event.

Men, don’t feel left out! While you need not resort to “makeup”, Iredale’s H/E line has a terrific dry sunscreen/bronzer. Applied with a special “manly” brush that looks like a shaving brush, it’s just enough to even out skin tone for a more polished look. Keep lips perfect with H/E Lip Balm SPF 15. It is a lemony gem that keeps lips soft, soothed, and protected.

Find out where Jane Iredale is sold near you at

Mazel tov!

Gimme Shelter – sun protection in a snap!

30 Mar

Need easy, effective sun protection?  Think Iredale Mineral Cosmetics , they offer more than just makeup!

Powder-Me SPF 30 ($45.50)  is a dry, pure SPF offered in translucent and tan.  With titanium dioxide and natural clay, the UVA/UVB protection is safe, pure, and soothing.   Smooth the sponge end over your skin for immediate sun protection.  Reapplication does not have to mess up anyone’s makeup.  Powder-Me SPF will not go bad if left in a hot car.  Excellent!

Lip Drink SPF 15 ($12.00)      is a clear, hydrating lip balm with macadamia oil, green tea and Vitamins E and C.  Edible zinc oxide gives it a broad-spectrum SPF of 15.  Lemon and orange oils create a flavor reminiscent of lemon meringue pie.

Go to and click “Where to Buy”.  Input your postal code and the nearest retail locations will appear.

Now that sun protection is easy, follow Mom’s advice and get outside!



Microdermabrasion, Still a Favorite

21 Mar

As an esthetician, taking care of my own skin is important to me.  I use pharmaceutical-quality products at home (because I know they are effective and give the most bang for the buck), such as iS Clinical, SkinCeuticals, and PCA Skin, and I give myself regular chemical peels to keep my skin healthy and glowing.  When I can, I love to receive skin care treatments from other estheticians, particularly those treatments that I cannot easily do on myself, such as microdermabrasion.

Chemical Peels and Microdermabrasion are professional methods for treating the skin.  The goal of these treatments is to create healthier, smoother, clearer skin.  As an additional benefit of achieving those aforementioned goals, the skin is more radiant, beautiful, and youthful.  Who can argue with that?!!

A true microdermabrasion treatment is typically done in a med spa by a licensed esthetician.  A professional microdermabrasion treatment you have done in a medical office is not going to be in the same category as a “microdermabrasion” cream that you might use at home, which is basically just a scrub.  A professional device will have a vacuum component, which stimulates the circulation and helps the skin to nourish itself from within; and an exfoliating component, which may blow out fine crystals to abrade the skin, or may have a crystal-free diamond tip to exfoliate.  Some machines have a hydrating component from which a treatment serum can be introduced to the skin.  These are nice, too, but don’t worry if your favorite place doesn’t have this.  A crystal or diamond microdermabrasion treatment can be tailored for each individual based on the serums, masks, or other treatment products your esthetician chooses to use to treat your specific skin care needs.

Recently, I was able to receive a microdermabrasion treatment for the first time in a long time.  Like I mentioned, I regularly do my own chemical peels at home, which is wonderful, but sometimes it is nice to mix things up!  My skin was smoother and more glowing afterward, and my esthetician was lovely and caring.

What can you expect during a microdermabrasion treatment?  It is kind of like an intense facial, less relaxing, but better, quicker results.  The protocol I have loved for a long time is iS Clinical’s Microdermabrasion Protocol, which includes cleansing, application of Active Serum to get the exfoliation process started, and to allow the microdermabrasion wand to adhere to the skin better for a more effective treatment.  The rest of the treatment is tailored to the individual, but will include treatment serums, a hydrating, soothing mask, and appropriate moisturizer/SPF.

If you are just getting started on professional skin care treatments, or getting back into it after a while, your esthetician will determine what the best plan of action is for your skin’s particular needs.  Typically, your esthetician will suggest the appropriate skin care products for you to use at home, and will suggest the appropriate treatments and treatment intervals to whip your skin into shape!  Once your skin is “in shape”, you will maintain your results by continuing with your home care products, and typically you will be able to go longer in between treatments.  For example, it is not uncommon to be treated every 10 days to 3 weeks at first, and then perhaps every 4 to 8 weeks during maintenance phase.

Most skin care clinics/med spas will do a complimentary skin care consultation with you.  This will give the esthetician the opportunity to meet you, look at your skin, and go over a skin care and medical history with you.  This will allow your skin care professional to recommend a plan of action specifically for you, taking into account your questions, goals, and concerns regarding your skin.

What are you waiting for?!!


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