Baby Got Lashes!

27 Jul

Baby Got Lashes

(It’s An Eyelash Love Fest ‘Round Here!)

We like big lashes and we cannot lie

Wimpy lashed sistahs can’t deny

That when a girl walks in with a whole lotta lashes

Ain’t nobody can stop starin’

Okay, either you are surprised to find out I can write a rap, or you now know for sure that I can’t.  ;)  But I do know something about eyelashes!

In the beauty industry, amazing lashes are a big deal.  Mine were never super thick, but when they started thinning in my 30s I tried eyelash clusters, strips, and extensions, all with varying levels of success.  I happen to be one of those sensitive types, boohoohoo!  While I always did okay with using the occasional cluster lashes, a makeup session several years back where strip lashes were used on me gave me an almost instant pink eye effect.  Not fubulashious!  I discovered I’m sensitive to latex, so I tried non-latex adhesives, but with similar results.  Ix-nay on the strips, then!  Clusters continued to be an okay choice, though often I’d lose a few of my own in the removal process.  Extensions were very appealing to me, and the first time I tried them I had pretty good luck, I just didn’t like that using mascara on them could be a real problem, mucking up the extensions, and pulling out a few during mascara removal time.  However, the last time I tried extensions, my eyes became very irritated, and I ended up losing a lot of my own lashes, which did not feel sexy or cute.  At all!

After losing a good number of lashes in that battle, I began using Latisse in earnest, and the payoff was big, and it was fast!  I grew my own plus more in no time, and now I don’t mess around.  It’s pretty neat growing your own, and I definitely feel fine with or without mascara these days.

Most of us have heard about Latisse through celebrity endorsements, commercials, print ads, and beauty savvy friends.  I had tried several different lash growth products with some level of success across the board, but Latisse, by far, is the most effective one I’ve tried.  It’s also the fastest acting.

Don’t you wonder how these things get discovered?  In clinical trials for the treatment of glaucoma, doctors discovered that all of the patients’ eyelashes were growing longer, most began experiencing thicker lashes, and many also saw a darkening of their fringe, too.  What a wonderful side effect!  Many treatments and products in the beauty world have crossed over from the medical and dental industries, and Latisse is a great example of that.

According to Allergan, the manufacturers of Latisse, patients treated with Latisse in a clinical study had the following measurable results:

• 25% increase in lash length (vs. 2% for vehicle)
• 106% increase in lash thickness/fullness (vs. 12% for vehicle)
• 18% increase in lash darkness (vs. 3% for vehicle)

Latisse is the first and, so far, only prescription and FDA approved lash growth product. Many med spas and dermatology clinics offer Latisse. There is a short medical intake form to fill out, and once you receive the physician’s approval, you can purchase and take home your Latisse kit. Your kit will include instructions and information, a bottle of the Latisse solution, and individual applicator brushes. This will be a 16 week supply.

You can expect to see your full results at 16 weeks, and then you will want to continue using Latisse to maintain your results. It gets exciting pretty quickly, though, as you will begin to see results after just a few weeks of using the product as recommended.  Everyone’s lashes become longer, most people’s will also thicken, and some will experience darkening of their eyelashes, too. How cool!

Some patients will experience slight irritation when using Latisse, but most will tolerate the product just fine. Be sure and educate yourself, and use Latisse as directed, along the top lash line, and at nighttime only.

A lush lash line is a beautiful, desirable, and youthful look. Thanks to Latisse, it’s also easily attainable.

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